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Top 10 Tips for Saving Water - An Infographic

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Water is important to everyone and everything. We use it every day and sometimes don't notice how much we waste. With recent laws and taxes, the idea of reserving water has never been as important to home owners. We have just created Infographic titled 'Top 10 Tips For Saving Water' has the best ways to do just that. It features 10 ways anyone could apply to their daily lives and save a large amount of water. Ranging from the bathroom sink to the kitchen tap they've all been proven to be beneficial. This Infographic is sure to benefit any reader who decides to have even a quick look through. -

A system of systems approach to energy sustainability assessment: Are all renewables really green?

Posted By Sina in Planning and Management

• We propose a System of Systems (SOS) approach for energy sustainability evaluation.
• We develop a new SOS-based sustainability indicator, Relative Aggregate Footprint (RAF).
• RAF integrates four resource use efficiency criteria: carbon footprint, water footprint, land footprint and cost.
• RAF values show that not all renewables are resource-use-efficient (e.g., biofuels).
• Geothermal and onshore wind have the lowest; and coal, oil and biofuels have the highest RAF scores.

Renewable energies are emerging across the globe in an attempt to slow down global wa -

The Problem With Water - An Infographic

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Water is essential thing for healthy living, but people from different part of the world don't have access to safe fresh water so with this infographic we have covered water and the problems people are facing with regards to this natural necessity. -

Managing Texas' rural land key to conservation

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Water conservation and agriculture experts say that stewardship of private rural lands is the key to the future of conserving water in Texas, where farms, ranches and forests make up 83 percent of the state's privately owned land. Good stewards, they say, make every drop of rain count, which benefits landowners and the state's water resources. -

'Disaster' in Maldives as capital suffers water crisis

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India and Sri Lanka airlifted drinking water to the Maldives after a fire at a desalination plant led to severe shortages and triggered unrest on the streets of the honeymoon islands' capital.

Authorities declared a "disaster situation" after the fire on Thursday led to a drinking water crisis on the main island of Male, one of the world's most densely populated capitals.

Much of the capital was still without drinking water Friday and local media reported that angry residents fought and attacked shops that rationed mineral water, while hotels in Male said supplies were rapidly running o -

Giant Ancient Roman Water Basin Uncovered

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Italian archaeologists have unearthed the largest Roman water basin ever found, right in the heart of modern Rome.

Found some 65 feet down near St. John in Lateran Basilica during the excavation of the new metro C line, the huge irrigation basin measures 115 feet by 230 feet.

“It’s so big that it goes beyond the perimeter of the metro work site. It has not been possible to uncover it completely,” Rossella Rea, the dig’s director, said at a news conference in Rome. -

Characterising performance of environmental models

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In order to use environmental models effectively for management and decision-making, it is vital to establish an appropriate level of confidence in their performance. This paper reviews techniques available across various fields for characterising the performance of environmental models with focus on numerical, graphical and qualitative methods. General classes of direct value comparison, coupling real and modelled values, preserving data patterns, indirect metrics based on parameter values, and data transformations are discussed. In practice environmental modelling requires the use and imple -

Water Conflicts and Diplomacy: How Conflicts Block Integrated Management

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Lecture by Dr. Neil S. Grigg for Colorado State University's free Massive Open Online Course, "Water, Civilization, and Nature: Addressing 21st Century Water Issues." -

Water Conflicts and Diplomacy: Trans-boundary Conflicts and Interbasin Transfers

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Lecture by Dr. Neil S. Grigg for Colorado State University's free Massive Open Online Course, "Water, Civilization, and Nature: Addressing 21st Century Water Issues." -