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Cedar Rapids Iowa 7 weeks after the Flood

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The flood victims in Cedar Rapids Iowa still need our support and assistance. I just returned home from my class reunion in Cedar Rapids and found the situation there to be devastating. Block after block for miles in the low lying areas along the river are deserted. The homes have been gutted. Volunteer workers from around the country in orange t-shirts and masks are the only humans in evidence. They haul the interior contents of the homes to the curb where it waits to be scooped up by a bulldozer and taken away by dump trucks. Insulation, appliances, electronics, furniture and personal items, all waterlogged and useless. One home's backyard clothesline still held laundry that had been abandoned during the flood. It was filthy with river water and debris. A drive through the area is a sobering experience.

FEMA trailers headed for Cedar Rapids were found to contain mold. These same trailers had been used in New Orleans. It is reported that remediation is under way. I would like to see that not one single Cedar Rapids flood survivor is exposed to toxins from FEMA trailers.

Please help "keep them honest" by staying in touch with this evolving midwestern story. The Cedar Rapids Gazette is a wealth of detail and and great source of uplifitng human interest stories.
This "mini" Katrina deserves our attention. -

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