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Playing Chicken in the Bay-Delta?

Posted By Hadian in Planning and Management

This article, posted by Professor Michael Campana at Oregon State University, draws attention to the results of a study on California's San Joaquin Delta Conflict.
"What really made a mark were the Conclusions", he says. The Delta is not a static problem and is worsening with time from almost all perspectives. Such changes transform the core conflict from a Prisoners' Dilemma to a game of Chicken. The Chicken game is particularly devilish given the potentially abrupt transition likely for the Delta. Nevertheless, a cooperative solution is unlikely without external interference. Many parties will prefer keeping the Delta as is until fear of Delta failure rises enough to make the least risk tolerant player adopt an alternative plan.
While recent efforts address symptoms of the problem, they have not yet solved a main cause - lack of effective and responsive governing mechanisms. California must 'govern' the Delta or eventually pay for absence of effective governance. -

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