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WSJ: Water Shortages Will Cut Energy Options

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As I've posted here many times, there are some real hard limits approaching for the business as usual approach to energy production. Water is one of them – conventional sources of energy, like coal and nuclear electricity – depend on access to large volumes of water.
Much hyped new technologies of fracking for natural gas and shale oil also assume massive quantities of water are available – even -

Access to Clean Water

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1. Adequacy and equity of water distributed: Sufficient supply for basic needs for each and
every person throughout the camp, including in school and health units.
2. Acceptability and safety of water supplied: Potable and palatable in terms of appearance,
taste and odour. Water quality is monitored regularly for faecal contamination and water
safety plans are in place
3. Social costs (burde -

Resolving conflicts over trans-boundary rivers using bankruptcy methods

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A bankruptcy approach is proposed for resolving trans-boundary rivers conflicts in which the total water demand or claim of the riparian parties is more than the available water. Bankruptcy solution methods can allocate the available water to the conflicting parties with respect to their claims. Four bankruptcy rules are used here to allocate the available water to the riparian parties. Given the -

Smart Water Grid — As Important As Smart Energy Grid

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The water services division of ACCIONA, a global renewable energy, infrastructure and water services group, will build the system “as part of a European project that aims to apply new technologies to the management of drinking water networks.”
Its benefits will parallel those for “smart grid” electricity projects, including real-time detection of underwater leaks (so they can be repaired more qu -

Hedging Irrigation Risk through Water Markets:Trends and Opportunities

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Risk and agriculture go hand in hand. As the uncertainties of agricultural production cause farm
incomes to be substantially volatile, farmers will attempt to hedge or manage their risk through
various instruments. Although there exist a number of risk management tools, most are geared
towards managing non-irrigation-related production risks. These include yield and revenue
insurance, futures -

The impact of the green economy on jobs in South Africa

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The concept of the green economy has moved beyond the boundaries of environmental economics and into mainstream politics and business in response to the dual problems of global climate change and the economic crisis.1 It is argued that a green economy will enable environmentally friendly economic and employment growth on the same, or a greater, scale than current environmentally unsustainable gro -

Climate trends in southern Africa (with erratum)

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The observed and projected changes in the climate of southern Africa in the period 1900–2100 were analysed. Ten observed, reanalysed and model-simulated climate data sets were explored for changes in surface air temperature, rainfall, air pressure, winds, ocean currents and sea surface height. The analysis of spatial and temporal climate trends from historical observations provided a context to a -

Towards Quantification of the Water Footprint of Paper: A First Estimate of its Consumptive Component

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For a hardcopy of this article, printed in the Netherlands, an estimated 100 l of
water have been used. Most of the water is required in the forestry stage, due to
evapotranspiration (green and blue water). In addition, the water footprint during the
industrial stage, as accounted for in this study, consists of evaporation from water obtained
from ground water and surface water (blue water). -