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Central Valley's growing concern: the mix of oil, water and crops - LA Times

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Here in California's thirsty farm belt, where pumpjacks nod amid neat rows of crops, it's a proposition that seems to make sense: using treated oil field wastewater to irrigate crops. -

Characterising performance of environmental models

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In order to use environmental models effectively for management and decision-making, it is vital to establish an appropriate level of confidence in their performance. This paper reviews techniques available across various fields for characterising the performance of environmental models with focus on numerical, graphical and qualitative methods. General classes of direct value comparison, coupling real and modelled values, preserving data patterns, indirect metrics based on parameter values, and data transformations are discussed. In practice environmental modelling requires the use and imple -

Will the water last in California?

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California's 21st century version of the gold rush is a rush for water. As new regulations approach, people are waiting months -- even years -- to get new water wells drilled." -

That Sinking Feeling: Rising Sea Level Isn't Cities' Only Water Worry

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Some of the world’s expanding coastal cities face a two-pronged threat involving water: Sticking giant straws into the ground to suck up freshwater can cause the ground below to sink at the same time that sea levels are rising.

That interplay between subsiding land and rising seas highlights an underappreciated risk in global climate change, according to scientists.

It’s not known how many people live on coastal lands that are sinking due to excessive groundwater pumping, but about 150 million live within 3.3 feet of today's high-tide mark. And the worst-case scenario for sea level rise by the end of this century is nearly six feet, according to a recent study. -

Weekly Water News Summary (25 - 31 October 2014) @WaterWired

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Here is WaterWired's summary of tweets on water resources news, events, jobs, positions, .... (25 - 31 October 2014). -

USGS Free Water Resources Software for Download

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Different water resources applications software produced by USGS and available for download.

Categories include water chemistry, groundwater, surface water and statistical analysis. -

The Origin and Spread of Qanats in the Old World (English, 1968)

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A paper by Paul Ward English in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society in 1968, explaining the origin and spreads of the Persian method of groundwater harvesting -qanat. -