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Water: Think Again | Kaveh Madani | TEDxKish

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The future war could be about water. In this great TEDx talk, Kaveh Madani discusses the possibility of water wars in the future and our opportunities to prevent them. Based on his discussion, the fact that water is linked to many other resources and issues (food, dignity, energy, independence, etc) provides opportunities for trades and cooperation. He discusses how he uses game theory and gaming to study and analyze water conflicts and presents his personal experiences and surprises in Africa where he found that theory does not necessarily support reality. -

A plant-based diet can help save water

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Animal agribusiness is the most water-intensive of all agriculture. You’d save more water skipping one purchase of a chicken than by skipping six months of showers. Experts agree that plant-based proteins use less water than their animal-based counterparts. -

Giant Ancient Roman Water Basin Uncovered

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Italian archaeologists have unearthed the largest Roman water basin ever found, right in the heart of modern Rome.

Found some 65 feet down near St. John in Lateran Basilica during the excavation of the new metro C line, the huge irrigation basin measures 115 feet by 230 feet.

“It’s so big that it goes beyond the perimeter of the metro work site. It has not been possible to uncover it completely,” Rossella Rea, the dig’s director, said at a news conference in Rome. -

The environmental consequences of Iran sanctions | The Guardian

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Iran’s drive for ‘independent’ development, in the face of international pressure over the nuclear programme, has degraded its air, water and land -

Farming on Water to Prevent the Effects of Climate Change: The Floating Gardens of Bangladesh

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Climate change threatens to worsen the severity and duration of floods in low-lying Bangladesh.

Floating farms — and produce that can flourish in flood conditions — are a way to help Bangladeshis live with rising waters. -

25 Water Heroes

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Do you know a water hero? Around the world many thousands of people are doing important work to solve water issues, through research, policymaking or hands-on solutions. They are helping eradicate diseases and predict droughts. Here are a few of Impeller’s water heroes (in no particular order). -

Changes of Virtual Water Trades between Continents Over Time (Infographics)

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This interesting figure shows how the virtual water trades between continents have changed from 1986 to 2007. -

12 ways communities will have to adapt to handle climate change

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Climate change is making both droughts and flood more frequent and severe. Whether your area is suffering from too much water or too little, here are things you can do to adapt. -