About WaterSISWEB

WaterSISWEB is a SISWEBS (Scientific Information Syndication WEBsiteS) family website, dedicated to Water Resources. This SISWEB is a place for Water Resources professionals to share information. Scientists, researchers, students, and industry professionals can use this free community service to find what is new and popular in the Water Resources area and share, store, organize, and search bookmarks of web pages in this area.

WaterSISWEB is not run by the WaterSISWEB team, but by its users. Registered users can post links to water resources content on the web, and other registered users have the opportunity to vote for or against them to appear more or less prominently on WaterSISWEB. These users also have the opportunity to comment on posts, reply to comments, vote on comments, bookmark posted links for later references, and even recommend what they find interesting to others who may not be WaterSISWEB's members. When a link is first submitted, it appears in the Upcoming section. It can then be prompted to the Top (front) page through a user-based ranking system. The numbers of positive and negative votes of users on each link determine the rank of that post. WaterSISWEB's team does not decide which links should become popular. Members' votes train a filter that determines which posts deserve to be seen by other visitors.

To participate in the website activities (e.g. link posting, voting, commenting, etc.) one needs to register with WaterSISWEB. The registration is totally free and easy. Although unregistered users also have access to all parts of the website, they cannot participate in any group activities.

WaterSISWEB team hopes you find what you are looking for here. WaterSISWEB welcomes you to contribute to your community activities and help other professionals in your area by sharing the information that you find useful.

WaterSISWEB provides many interesting and useful features. Having access to many of them does not require registration:

GDSS: The GDSS (Group Decision Support System) is a free service provided by SISWEBS to WaterSISWEB visitors for making easy group decisions, such as event scheduling or choice making.

Tag Cloud: Our Tag Cloud shows the tags that are used by WaterSISWEB members to label their posted links. These tags mostly reflect the level of interest of the users in a specific subject. The larger the tag, the more times it has been used by the user while submitting links.

Top Users: In WaterSISWEB, users are ranked in the Top Users section based on their activity amount and contribution to the Water Resources community through WaterSISWEB.

RSS: The WaterSISWEB RSS reader makes it possible for users to keep up with WaterSISWEB in an automated manner. The RSS reader checks the WaterSISWEB feeds regularly for new content, downloading any updates that it finds and provides a user interface to monitor and read those feeds.

Google Gadget: Users can add WaterSISWEB Google Gadget to their websites to view the dynamic content of WaterSISWEB at any place they like and let the visitors of their websites view the content of WaterSISWEB at their websites. WaterSISWEB Google Gadget can be also added to iGoogle or the users' computers' desktops if they have Google Desktop installed.

If you have any inquiries and are interested in knowing more about the WaterSISWEB or the SISWEBS family you can contact us through WaterSISWEB's Contact Us . We would like to hear your comments and suggestions to be able to provide Water Resources community with better service.

WaterSISWEB Team

Our Team
While users manage WaterSISWEB, there is still a hard working team behind WaterSISWEB to provide the best service to the Water Resources community. Our team includes talented and hardworking doctorate and post doctorate students who are specialized in water resources.
We are delighted to have you as our team member, if you are interested in serving the Water Resources community, do not hesitate contacting us .

WaterSISWEB Family
Matthew Bates, Category Supervisor
Dane Behrens, Category Supervisor
Michael Campana, Category Supervisor
Christina Connell, Category Co-Supervisor
Todd Jarvis, Category Supervisor
Sina Khatami, Category Supervisor
Kaveh Madani, WaterSISWEB Project Leader
Josue Medellin, Category Co-Supervisor