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John Sauer: Children Should Carry Books, Not Crappy Water

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Nathan Strauss, 17, a student at Abington Senior High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is part of a growing movement of America's youth who are stepping up to make a change in the lives of the students around the world who are carrying water and not books. Even for those children who have the opportunity to go to school, students lose 443 million school days each year due to diseases associa -

50 Interesting Engineers Worth a Follow on Twitter

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Engineers are interesting people with interesting jobs. Engineering encompasses many fields, and there are plenty of engineers eager to share what they know. As a result, it is no surprise that there are plenty of engineers on Twitter. If you are interested in learning a little bit more about engineering, you can follow these 50 interesting folks — including some engineering students — on Twitter -

PGWI Meeting, 4 November 2010 - Managing the Last 1%: Allocating Water to Meet the UN MDGs - WaterWired

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I just learned of this meeting - the 4th Annual Conference of the Philadelphia Global Water Initiative: Managing the Last 1%: Allocating Water to Meet the UN Millennium Development Goals. Admission is free but seating is limited. The conference will be held at the University of Pennsylvania's Houston Hall. Complete information, including a contact email for preregistration, can be found here: -

Engineering water wellness: Cal Poly, Rotary team up

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Drilling rig is designed so developing nations can afford to build it themselves. Local hydrologist Tim Cleath has surveyed drilling rigs in more than 20 countries, but he has never seen one as innovative as the rig tested in a San Luis Obispo backyard last weekend. That's because Cal Poly students custom engineered it.

A collaboration between Cal Poly and three San Luis Obispo Rotary club -

Peruvians Fight for Their Right to Water

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On September 17, one man was killed and 18 others injured when police attempted to break up demonstrators protesting an irrigation project recently approved by the Peruvian government. The clash occurred 400 miles south of the country's capital in a town called Espinar, which is facing a greatly diminished water supply as a result of the Majes-Siguas II irrigation project.

Essentially, the Ma -

Middle East's Largest Theme Park Makes a Gimmick of Global Warming - TIME

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Here's your dose of irony for the day.

How is the UAE--which lays claim to nearly the highest rate of carbon emissions per capita in the world--trying to attract tourists? By opening a theme park with a global warming gimmick, of course. Ice Land Water Park is a $100 million ice-water park, located in Ras al-Khaimah (RAK), which is about an hour outside of Dubai, and is set to open tomorrow. T -

Laser spectroscopy exposes organization of water molecules under model membrane surfaces

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The behavior of water molecules as they contact biological substances has long puzzled scientists. The first few layers of interfacial water can display complex arrangements that distinctly influence biochemical reactivity and function. Mapping these interfaces, however, is extremely difficult because chemical signatures of surface-bound water are often swamped by bulk liquid signals. Now, resear -