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Device that harvests water from thin air wins the James Dyson Award.

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The Airdrop irrigation concept is a low-tech design that uses the simple process of condensation to harvest water from the air. Utilizing a turbine intake system, air is channeled underground through a network of piping that quickly cools the air to soil temperature. This process creates an environment of 100-percent humidity, from which water is then harvested. The collected water is stored in a -

The challenges of achieving sustainable development in both developed and developing countries, and their adjustments | Global Warming Solutions

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There are various challenges affecting achievement of sustainable development in both the developed and developing countries with all the responsibility for both obstacles and avenues for its achievement being tied on the developed countries, because they are heavily industrialized, high consumption of resources, and the hoarding of technology required for the sustainable use of resources. -

Setting New Standards for Sustainable Growth in India

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With the Rio+20 meeting in 2012 set to decide on goals for sustainable development over the coming decades, now is the time for India’s green business innovations to be shared on a global level. -

Colombia and Guatemala propose new framework of Sustainable Development Goals

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These two Latin American governments see this proposal as the first step in the establishment of common guidelines for the future of national sustainability policies. -

Climate-Related Natural Disasters Cost US $14 Billion in Health Care Over Past Decade

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In the past decade, climate change-related natural disasters and "disease events" have caused in excess of $14 billion in additional health care cost in the United States. -