Judge rejects Riverkeeper challenge to rule on Silver Springs water levels

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A state administrative judge on Wednesday upheld protective rules for Silver Springs that activist organizations including the St. Johns Riverkeeper challenged as so lax they’d allow more harm.
“Our scientists and engineers worked diligently to develop the Silver Springs MFLs [minimum flows and levels], and today’s ruling supports the result of years of hard work and commitment by district staff,” Shotelle said in an emailed statement. http://jacksonville.com -

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Toward a Comprehensive Assessment of the Combined Impacts of Climate Change and Groundwater Pumping on Catchment Dynamic

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Under increasing anthropogenic pressure, it is becoming increasingly important to evaluate the combined hydrologic effects of climate change and groundwater overexploitation. Climate change impact studies traditionally rely on scenario projections, provided by General Circulation Models (GCMs) that are transformed via downscaling and bias correction and used to drive hydrological models. The potential impacts of climate change are then assessed by comparing the historical and projected hydrological responses. This approach assumes that downscaled GCM simulations can function as surrogates for http://www.sciencedirect.com -

The tech industry is threatening to drink California dry

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With water in ever-shorter supply in drought-ravaged California, Silicon Valley data centres are trying to reduce their needs for cooling. http://www.theguardian.com -

California Water Infrastructure: A primer

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A primer on California's main water delivery systems: Central Valley Project, State Water Project, Los Angeles Aqueduct, Colorado River Aqueduct, Hetch Hetchy, Mokelumne, and All American Canal. Basic information on California's water, plus plenty of photos, links, and other resources. http://mavensnotebook.com -

US House Votes to Block EPA Waters of the US Rules - Florida Water Daily

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House Republicans on Tuesday voted to block government rules that would clarify which water bodies should be protected under the Clean Water Act. http://floridawaterdaily.com -

Could California have one year of water left?

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It depends which Jay you ask from.

While the drought is serious, a UC Davis scientist is casting doubt on Jay Femiglietti's dire prediction.

"It's not the right impression that one more year of this and we're toast," UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences Director Jay Lund said. http://www.11alive.com -