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These Maps of California's Water Shortage Are Terrifying

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Just how bad is California's water shortage? Really, really bad, according to these new maps, which represent groundwater withdrawals in California during the first three years of the state's ongoing and epochal drought: -

The Origin and Spread of Qanats in the Old World (English, 1968)

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A paper by Paul Ward English in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society in 1968, explaining the origin and spreads of the Persian method of groundwater harvesting -qanat. -

Dying for a Drink (Water Infographic)

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This infographic shows how water is used by different sectors around the globe and where in the world people have access to clean drinking water. -

Mystery of Earth's Water Origin Solved

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Ancient meteorites reveal that our planet had plenty of water, right from the start.

The water that makes Earth a majestic blue marble was here from the time of our planet's birth, according to a new study of ancient meteorites, scientists reported -

Global water resources affected by human interventions and climate change

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Humans alter the water cycle by constructing dams and through water withdrawals. Climate change is expected to additionally affect water supply and demand. Here, model analyses of climate change and direct human impacts on the terrestrial water cycle are presented. The results indicate that the impact of man-made reservoirs and water withdrawals on the long-term global terrestrial water balance is small. However, in some river basins, impacts of human interventions are significant. In parts of Asia and the United States, the effects of human interventions exceed the impacts expected for moderate levels of global warming. This study also identifies areas where irrigation water is currently scarce, and where increases in irrigation water scarcity are projected. -

California Water Plan (Update 2013)

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Update 2013 California Water Plan is final.
Update 2013 is designed to work in tandem, and help implement, the Governor’s Water Action Plan. The online release includes the Highlights booklet which outlines California’s strategic water roadmap. -