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It's Later Than You Think

Posted by kevinthemann 1974 days ago in Planning and Management from http://deaner.gnn.tv

One meter of sea level rise would endanger the lives of tens of millions – thirty million Bengalis, ten million Egyptians, and a quarter of Viet Nam’s population would have to leave their homes. London and New York would be threatened. In 1999, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted that in the next seven years the sea level would rise by two millimeters. It rose by 3.3 mm. In other words, it’s worse than the experts predicted and with the refusal of the US to sign the Kyoto Agreement, there’s no sign that it will decrease or stop. The IPCC president, Rajendra Pachauri, described it as a frightening situation and spoke of his hope that the next report, “…will be able to provide much better information on the possibility of these two large bodies of ice (Greenland and the West Antarctic sheet) melting. This report will not be out until 2013. Who knows what will happen in the meantime. Politicians, who are concerned only with capitalism’s immediate needs will always downplay such dire predictions as if they know better and thus recommendations are always far too weak to have any real affect. A typical example is Sir Nicholas Stern, former chief economist at the World Bank. In his 2006 report to the British government, he said, “ The lesson here is to avoid doing too much, too fast, because great uncertainty remains as to the costs of very deep reductions of greenhouse gases of 60% to 80% or more from industrial processes, aviation and a number of areas.” Furthermore, great scientists and climatologists like Regis and Kelly, and David Letterman, enter your living room and talk about global warming as if it were an enormous joke. At least Mr.Tanuro is closer to the mark in his summation; “The worry is that climate negotiations, if they lead anywhere, will lead to targets determined by profits rather than the protection of people and the safety of the planet.” Socialists already know that as long as capitalism exists, profits will determine any course of action, or in this case, inaction. In the mad, helter skelter, anything goes as long as it is profitable, anarchy of capitalist production, things won’t improve until that system is abolished.

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