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Nepal: Blame Game, Agency bickering hampers Nepal on climate change

Posted by MEBates 2085 days ago in Miscellaneous from http://news.bbc.co.uk

A delay in helping Nepal to prepare a crucial plan to adapt to climate change has led to accusations between two international organisations that they are not doing enough to get the job done in many developing countries.

The two agencies pointing their fingers at each other are the United Nations and the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

The GEF is an independent, Washington-based organisation financing the preparation of National Adaptation Programmes of Action (Napa) which prioritises projects to help people adapt to some of the immediate effects of climate change.

Some UN agencies helped developing countries prepare their proposals for Napa.

The GEF alleges that the UN agencies involved have not prepared the documents properly, while the UN argues that the GEF's procedures are too bureaucratic.


Such blame games between independent agencies are quite common in developing countries - and Nepal's experience has been a classic case.

Some argue that global warming could leave thousands homeless

It took almost two years for the Napa proposal to be approved - the first step in a long process to get funding for adaptation projects.

It started in 2007 when the Nepalese government asked the UN Development Programme (UNDP) to help it prepare a Napa proposal.

"For almost a year we heard nothing from the UNDP," said an official with the environment, science and technology ministry who did not want to be named.

"The GEF secretariat kept on telling us that they had not received the document."

It was only in June that ministry officials found that the document had actually been returned to the UNDP because GEF said the templates of the proposal had "not been filled-in correctly".

"We found that the template was not right. We wrote back to the agency and we told them that we didn't understand why there was a discrepancy, for example between table one and table two," GEF Chief Executive Officer Monique Barbut told the BBC.

Ms Barbut said that her office wrote back to the UNDP to make the necessary corrections.

"But a very simple correction took forever to be brought back into the system so that we could complete the work."

'Too bureaucratic'

UNDP officials attending the UN climate conference in Poland said that the time it took to approve Nepal's Napa proposal was not a waste of money.

Climate models project more erratic rainfall patterns in the future

"Within that time we managed to pool around half a dozen other donors and the project money increased by sixfold to $1.3m," an official said.


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