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Watershed Management Training Certificate

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No matter where you are in the world you can take these 15 modules online and get a watershed management certificate form the Watershed Academy for free.

You can document your learning from this Web site by meeting the requirements for Watershed Academy Web's Watershed Management Training Certificate. This certificate program recognizes trainees who complete 15 modules and pass their self-tests.

People throughout the United States and several foreign countries have completed the certificate program. They include scientists and non scientists, local, state and federal agency staff, community leaders, consultants, college students and teachers, active citizens, and others.

The Certificate Program Rules are:

* No registration, admission, or tuition is necessary; this program is open to everyone worldwide, at any time, and is completely Internet-based;
* Trainees must complete a minimum of 15 modules, a minimum of 12 of which must be from the core modules list;
* We recommend completing all 15 modules from the core modules list, but trainees may substitute alternate choices for up to 3 core modules in which their training is already sufficient;
* All core modules have self-tests which trainees must pass with a grade of 70% or higher (retesting is permitted). Copies of self-tests or test grades do not have to be mailed to the Watershed Academy -- this is an honor-system-based program.
* We do not have an arrangement for offering academic credit to all certificate earners, but obtaining academic credit is often possible through individual arrangements with college professors as part of an independent study, undergraduate, or graduate program.
* After completing all certificate requirements, provide your full name and mailing address to We will mail you a signed certificate. -

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