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Evaluation of Riparian Buffer Zones using GIS and Remote Sensing

Posted By ChadW in Hydrology

The specific water quality-problems for an agricultural watershed involve an influx of chemicals and excessive sediment. These problems can be minimized by managing or restoring vegetated riparian buffer zones. This article discusses the development of a method of evaluating riparian buffer zones using geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, and hydrologic modeling. -

Linking Farmer, Forest and Watershed: Agricultural Systems and Natural Resources Management Along the Upper Njoro River, Kenya

Posted By Kodiak22 in Miscellaneous

This paper describes subsistence farmers' agricultural and natural resource management techniques and perceptions in the upper catchment of the River Njoro, Kenya and explores their implications for further research and action by watershed managers and policy makers. In East Africa and elsewhere in developing countries, small-scale poor farming households often form a critical group in the link b -

Water management practices can affect salinity in rice fields

Posted By Kodiak22 in Water Quality

Water management practices in Califonia rice production can affect salinity in the field. This is particularly important because rice is one of the most sensitive crops to salinity. We extensively monitored salinity patterns in dozens of rice fields in Colusa and Glenn counties, in order to determine how salinity varies from basin to basin and to compare salinity patterns under different irrigati -

The impacts of climate change on regional water resources and agriculture in Africa

Posted By Kaveh in Hydrology

This paper summarizes the methods and findings of the hydrological assessment component of the project studying likely impacts of climate change on water resources and agriculture in Africa. The first phase of the study used a version of a conceptual rainfall-runoff model called WatBal (Water Balance) applied to gridded data to simulate changes in soil moisture and runoff across the whole contine -

Remote Sensing for Better Use of Agriculture Land

Posted By misspersian in Planning and Management

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) figures indicate that irrigation involves just under 20% of cultivated land and supplies 40% of world agricultural production. An estimated 8 billion human beings will be living on Earth in 2030, and it thus becomes crucial to optimize water resources and improve agricultural yields. An IRD team, with support from the CNES1, used high- -

California: Agency mulls ending agriculture discount

Posted By aqua in Planning and Management

Metropolitan Water District is scheduled Tuesday to tackle the fate of a discounted water rate for growers in addition to calling for more water conservation.

Southern California's main water wholesaler, Metropolitan supplies water agencies from San Diego to Ventura counties. A combination of below-average precipitation and environmental restrictions threatens to draw down reservoirs -

Farmers hit with unexpected water cutbacks in California

Posted By kevinthemann in Planning and Management

Federal officials told hundreds of San Joaquin Valley farmers last week that they will get even less irrigation water this year than they had planned. Deliveries are being cut to 40 percent of contract amount from the 45 percent declared earlier in the year.

The reductions affect farm customers of the federal Central Valley Project in both the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys.

The soberin -

Calfironia Governor moves to give farmers more water

Posted By misspersian in Planning and Management

With California's rich agriculture harvest at risk, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger moved Thursday to amp up water supplies to Central Valley farmers hammered by a parched spring and recent court rulings that limit pumping from a key resource.

The governor proclaimed a state of emergency for nine counties with "severe water shortages" and ordered several state agencies to help drill wells, use the -

Old Farming Habits Leave Uzbekistan a Legacy of Salt -

Posted By sumant18 in Hydrology

Salt crunches underfoot like frosty soil on this bare stretch of land in western Uzbekistan. “Thirty years ago, this was a cotton field,” said a 61-year-old farmer who has lived near this city all his life. “Now it's a salt flat.” -