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Mineral waters of the world (listed by country)

Posted By Kaveh in Water Quality

This website lists over 3'000 brands of mineral water from 125 countries with their contents. You can find about the contents of your favorite bottled water.

See if you can figure out what makes one brand tastier than the others to you when you compare the contents of different brands you have tasted! -

Ottawa school board may ban bottled water sales

Posted By aqua in Miscellaneous

Bottled water could soon be removed from public school vending machines and cafeterias in Ottawa due to concerns about its environmental footprint.

A motion calling for a plan to eliminate the regular sale and purchase of bottled water in schools by September 2009 was to go before the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board at its meeting Tuesday evening. -

Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe?

Posted By Kaveh in Water Quality

A nice short clip from MSNBC about water bottles and leeching chemicals. Its nice to know that there are some things we can do to avoid potential risk. The main take-away is to avoid plastic bottles marked with a "3," 6," or "7" in the plastic recycling triangle stamped on the container. -

A World of Reasons to Ditch Bottled Water

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Bottled water manufacturers' encourage the perception that their products are purer and safer than tap water. Bottled water can cost up to 10,000 times more per gallon than tap water. But the reality is that tap water is actually held to more stringent quality standards than bottled water, and some brands of bottled water are just tap water in disguise. What's more, our increasing consumption of -

In Taiwan (and UK?) drinking or even showering in tap water can double the risk of having deformed children

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Drinking tap water while pregnant may double the risk of serious heart or brain defects in the unborn child, research suggests.

A study of almost 400,000 babies found a clear link between chemicals formed during chlorination and the occurrence of a trio of birth defects.

Drinking water, showers, swimming pools and even the steam from a boiling kettle can all contain the problem chemicals ca -