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What is happeining to California? Need to deal with water needs crucial

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Two parched years - punctuated by the driest spring in at least 150 years - could force districts across California to ration water this summer as policymakers and scientists grow increasingly concerned that the state is on the verge of a long-term drought.

State water officials reported Thursday that the Sierra Nevada snowpack, the source of a huge portion of California's water supply, was on -

A Sustainable and Affordable Water Policy for California - California Progress Report

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Like me, you probably thought this was a wet winter. It certainly was in January and February here in Northern California, where several major storms dumped a lot of rain into local reservoirs, and snow in the Sierras. There was even hope by late February that we might have had enough snow to make up for 2007's drought.

Unfortunately those hopes have been dashed, according to the San Francisco -

Possibility of mandatory water rationing in California

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California communities face a strong possibility of water shortages and even mandatory rationing this summer because of record dry weather in March and April, a fast-shrinking snowpack and below-normal reservoir levels, state officials said Thursday.

The bleak news, contained in California's final Sierra snowpack report of the snow season, means a second consecutive year of water anxieties in -

DWR Releases Integrated Water Resources Information System

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SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has released a new water resources data management tool called the Integrated Water Resources Information System (IWRIS).

IWRIS is a Web-based Geographic Information System application that allows users to access, integrate, query, and visualize multiple sets of data from diverse sources.

Some of the databases cu -