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Calls for water conservation in Calif. grow louder

Posted By WaterJoe in Planning and Management

Californians are being asked to water their lawns less, plant native shrubs and install more-efficient irrigation systems to stave off water shortages and mandatory rationing amid growing worries about a possible long-term drought -

Neighborhood Water Bills Could Go Up To $6,000 Year in Richfield, Ohio

Posted By kevinthemann in Planning and Management

Richfield Residents Take Extreme Measures To Conserve Water. About 80 households in Richfield are getting soaked by their water and sewer bills, and the cost could go up. Some families have taken to extreme conservation including shutting off the shower while soaping up and hauling five-gallon plastic jugs of water into the house to wash their hands and brush their teeth. Mike Began and Michele P -

L.A. prepares massive water-conservation plan - Los Angeles Times

Posted By Christina in Planning and Management

With vital and often-distant water sources shrinking, Los Angeles officials today will revive a controversial proposal to recycle wastewater as part of a plan to curb usage and move the city toward greater water independence.

The aggressive, multiyear proposal could do much to catch the city up to other Southern California communities that have launched advanced recycling programs. -

LA Mayor's New Water Plan Makes Every Drop Count

Posted By goopsgoops in Planning and Management

) - Water conservation and an unprecedented water recycling program are key to the 20 year, $1.5 billion water supply strategy introduced by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa today. While dry seasons and the effects of climate change threaten Los Angeles' future water supply, population growth is expected to increase water demand in the city 15 percent by 2030.

The San Fernando Groundwate -

Legislature also needs to promote water conservation in North Texas

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Conventional wisdom around the state is that we North Texans don't give a flip about water conservation. This myth came up repeatedly during last year's legislative debate about the state's water policies.

Fortunately, conventional wisdom got turned on its head last week. During a Texas Senate Natural Resources Committee meeting in Dallas, the leaders of the region's three largest water utilit -

Tapping into the future

Posted By Waterlover in Planning and Management

LA's mayor's water conservation plan is a worthy first step.

It's long past time for Los Angeles' leadership to get serious about saving water -- and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's new water-supply action plan is a responsible effort to move beyond our hysterical past to a reasonable future.

Designed to make sure the city can meet all of its new demands for water through conservation and recy -