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Frustration over groundwater in North Oaks, Minnesota

Posted By goopsgoops in Water Quality

The North Oaks City Council deliberated its next step in the ongoing Highway 96 Super Fund groundwater contamination saga after Council member George Rux called for a closed door session at the April 13 meeting to discuss legal action.

The meeting follows the Council's March 21 response during the public comment period to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's proposed amendment to the Minne -

American Oil Companies Settle Claims In MTBE Leak Cases

Posted By Kaveh in Water Quality

About a dozen of the nation's largest oil companies agreed to pay $423 million in cash to settle litigation with 153 public water providers in 17 states that sued over groundwater contaminated by the gasoline additive MTBE.

The companies also agreed to pay cleanup costs that arise in the next 30 years. Terms of the deal were submitted for court approval Wednesday in the U.S. District Court in -

Law firm wins $422 million water contamination lawsuit

Posted By Waterlover in Miscellaneous

Representing 153 public water providers, which includes municipalities, water agencies and private water companies, from 17 states, the national law firm of Baron and Budd, P.C. today announced the largest settlement to date with many of America's leading oil companies over drinking water contamination caused by the gasoline additive Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE). The settlement stems from c -

Assessing the Hydraulic Performance of a Bioremediation Curtain for Plume G

Posted By KateM in Hydrogeology

We describe in this webpage a 3D flow and transport modeling effort for a contaminated aquifer at the Schoolcraft site in western Michigan (Figure 1) using Interactive Groundwater (IGW) (Li and Liu, in review). The ultimate goal is to design a broadly applicable ‘‘biocurtain'' which be applied to remediate this site using a periodic recirculation well gallery installed normal to groundwater flow. -

Water users at risk in St Helens, Australia

Posted By Waterlover in Water Quality

A St Helens doctor has again called for a precautionary approach to chemical contamination in Tasmania's water.

Alison Bleaney wants water catchments to be protected in advance from pesticides, rather than when they have already been degraded.

Dr Bleaney says pesticide monitoring is seen as the last thing to do, rather than the first.

"It's really a compliance monitoring to ensure that w -

China warns of water contamination from quake

Posted By goopsgoops in Water Quality

Chinese authorities warned Tuesday of serious threats to drinking water in earthquake-hit areas and called on local officials to take precautions.

Dead bodies and chemical waste "pose great threats to the safety of drinking water," the ministry of environmental protection said in a directive quoted by the official Xinhua news agency.

It said that people should not use water sources from bui -

Ground Water in Indiana

Posted By dficklin in Hydrogeology

More than two-thirds of Indiana's drinking water is derived from ground water. Supplies of ground water are unevenly distributed across the state. This website gives an introduction to the hazards of ground water contamination in Indiana. -

Do tiny quantities of drugs in drinking water pose a threat to human health?

Posted By britneyg in Water Quality

One of the most unpalatable environmental stories of the year landed with an alarming splash in March, when The Associated Press reported that water supplies across America are contaminated by trace amounts of pharmaceuticals.

Drugs detected in tap water range from mood stabilizers in Southern California to anticonvulsants in New York City to sex hormones in San Francisco. Altogether more than -

Philippines Environment Monitor: Water Quality

Posted By kevinthemann in Water Quality

Poor water quality has large economic and quality of life costs, in terms of health impacts and foregone revenues. According to the Philippine government's monitoring data, just over 36 percent of the country's river systems are classified as sources of public water supply and that up to 58 percent of groundwater sampled is contaminated with coliform and needs treatment. Approximately 31 percent -