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Removing salt to supply U.S. water

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Desalination technologies currently provide less than half a percent of the U.S. water supply, but that amount may increase, according to a National Academy of Sciences report.

Despite lingering doubts over the costs and environmental impacts of desalination, a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) committee predicts that desalination plants will satisfy a portion of future U.S. water demand. How -

How green is The World?

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ITS DEVELOPERS call the three hundred islands laid out in the shape of the world map just off Dubai's coast the “most innovative real-estate development on Earth”. These new artificial islands, known as “The World”, are just part of a plan to create hundreds of kilometres of new waterfront for Dubai, attracting visitors and wealthy home-owners from around the (real) world. -

A look at the desalination process for the Bay Area 5/02/08

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The rise in desalination plans in California and whether they create more problems than they solve. This is a nice documentary of desalination. Plans seem quite aggressive for California. -

Texas Funds Promising Groundwater Desalination Projects

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As the population of Texas grows and demand for water increases, access to enough fresh drinking water will become a critical issue in many areas of the state. Yet, Texas has an abundance of brackish water. While this water source is too cloudy and salty to drink, it can be purified by desalination.

With an eye on the future, the Texas Water Development Board has approved up to $800,000 in gr -

Turning Saltwater Into Drinking Water

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The Tampa Bay desalination plant can turn an abundance of salt water into healthy drinking water. It is the nation's first, large-scale seawater desalination plant, capable of delivering water to 2.5 million people. This is a short video from that looks at this plant -

Sewer to Spigot: Recycled Water in Orange County, California

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A growing number of cities and counties grappling with water shortages are turning to a solution that may be tough for some homeowners to stomach: purifying wastewater so that residents can drink it.

In an effort to replenish its groundwater supply, Los Angeles is slated to announce Thursday a plan that will recycle 4.9 billion gallons of treated wastewater to drinking standards by 2019. In Sa -

Water Shortage Anticipated in Israel due to Climate Change, Water Pollution and Urbanization

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Fifty years of observation in the Mediterranean Basin reveal several trends: increased warming in the summer and increased precipitation in the southeastern Mediterranean Sea as opposed to decreased precipitation in most of the Mediterranean Sea Basin, including countries near Israel such as Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

The Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Dr. Yeshaya -

Energy Recovery taps into water purification market

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Company's device is helping to make desalination more economical, but the business itself has had a rough ride. Alchemy refers to a medieval science that turns metals into gold. As our planet depletes natural resources at a frantic pace, one brand of alchemy that will become critical to humanity's survival is technology that turns sea water into drinking water. -