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A Sustainable and Affordable Water Policy for California - California Progress Report

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Like me, you probably thought this was a wet winter. It certainly was in January and February here in Northern California, where several major storms dumped a lot of rain into local reservoirs, and snow in the Sierras. There was even hope by late February that we might have had enough snow to make up for 2007's drought.

Unfortunately those hopes have been dashed, according to the San Francisco -

Water Park Proposal Comes Under Fire In Drought Stricken Atlanta Area

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Environmentalists say they're dumbfounded about a
real estate company's proposal to build a 200,000-square-foot water
park in Buford while the state remains in a drought.

Sally Bethea is executive director of the Upper Chattahoochee
Riverkeeper, a Georgia water protection group. She calls the idea
"absolutely insane.''

A managing partner of Georgia Land and Commercial Solutions,
Chad L -

War of words over water in Spanish drought row

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A ship carrying thousands of litres of drinking water has arrived in the drought stricken port of Barcelona - just as the heavens opened.

The delivery is part of an unprecedented emergency plan to alleviate demand for water after some of the driest winters and springs on record.

Last month Spain's central government agreed that a new temporary pipe could be built to transfer water from the -

Drought in the Klamath River basin

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The images above show the northeast portion of the Klamath Basin in 2000 (top) and 2001 (lower). These true-color images were acquired by the Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus sensor aboard the Landsat 7 satellite, launched by NASA and operated by the U.S. Geological Survey. Upper Klamath Lake, with its endangered sucker fish, is at the upper left, with the town of Klamath falls immediately below it. -

More research on climate change and water supplies needed, UA climate scientist tells Congress

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The country's biggest potential water problem “is what we don't know” about water and climate change, the University of Arizona's Nobel Prize-winning climate scientist testified in Congress.
“We don't know what lies underground . . . We don't know how climate change will affect water resources,” said Prof. Jonathan Overpeck, director of the University of Arizona's Institute for the Study of Plan -

USA's drought begins to ease

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Heavy rainfall in the Southeast and record snowpack in the Rockies have eased dramatically the nation's worst drought in more than a century.

Drought conditions are the least severe since January 2006. A quarter of the USA is suffering some form of drought today, down from 65% last summer, federal agencies said.

In the Southeast, where drought has been most severe, the area in drought has p -

Drought threatening wheat crop in Montana

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More than half of Montana's wheat fields are withering an early season drought, putting some $671 million worth of wheat at risk, new state agriculture statistics show.

Ranchers in the affected area, which stretches across much of central Montana and a sliver of eastern Montana, are already buying up hay and looking at selling off herds for want of forage and stock water.

“It's dismally dry -

Spain's drought: a glimpse of our future?

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Barcelona is in the grip of a climate crisis on a scale never seen before in modern-day Europe. And now this parched city is being forced to import supplies from France. -