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EPA Hosts Webcast on Water Program's Climate Change Strategy | Newsroom | US EPA

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The agency is seeking comments until May 27, 2008, on the draft strategy that describes the potential effects of climate change on clean water, drinking water, and ocean protection programs and outlines EPA actions to respond to these effects. The National Water Program Strategy: Response to Climate Change focuses on actions designed to help managers adapt their water programs in response to a ch -

Phoenix tap water is free of pharmaceuticals

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Phoenix drinking water received a clean bill of health Monday after extensive testing found no pharmaceuticals in the water supply.

Tests conducted by an independent laboratory at each of Phoenix's six water-treatment plants showed no traces of drugs and met all standards of the Environmental Protection Agency, officials said at a news conference.

"I'm pleased today to report that Phoenix t -

Four beaches fail water quality test in Ireland

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Four bathing spots in Cork, Dublin and Galway have been ruled unsafe for swimming due to pollution by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

However, a new report by the EPA found the quality of bathing waters around Ireland remains good, with 97 per cent of designated swimming areas meeting the EU mandatory standards.

According to the EPA, Ireland¿s recent good track record regarding m -

America's aging systems releasing sewage into rivers, streams

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America's aging sewer systems continue to dump human waste into rivers and streams, despite years of fines and penalties targeting publicly owned agencies responsible for sewage overflows, a Gannett News Service analysis shows.

The analysis of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data found that since 2003, hundreds of municipal sewer authorities have been fined for violations, including spil -

US appeals court rejects EPA oil/gas water ruling

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A federal appeals court struck down on Friday a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rule that exempts from the clean water law's permit requirements storm water discharges of sediment from oil and gas construction activities.

By a 2-1 vote, a panel of the San Francisco-based appeals court agreed with the Natural Resources Defense Council and other environmental groups that challenge -

Pennsylvania Gets $42.4 million for water projects

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $42.4 million to Pennsylvania to improve water quality.

“EPA is committed to helping communities get safe, clean water. These grants are important in maintaining public health, protecting and restoring water quality by combating water pollution and focusing our efforts to protect the water we drink, swim and play in”, said Donald S. -

Illinois EPA: State drinking water is safe

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The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency says preliminary results from tests show the state's drinking water is safe.

Officials took samples from across Illinois in March to test for unregulated pharmaceuticals or personal care products.

They took untreated source water and treated drinking water from public supplies in Chicago, Aurora, Elgin, East St. Louis and Rock Island. Springfield -