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A City engineer from Nevada honored for his work in flood control

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ooch, a civil engineer in the City of Sparks' Public Works Department, spent hundreds of hours in spearheading the effort to earn Federal Emergency Management Agency accreditation for flood controls in the marina area, an effort that saved homeowners thousands of dollars in mandatory flood

insurance costs and helped avoid potentially crippling costs for the Legends at Sparks Marina project. -

Midwest flood victims feel misled by feds

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FEMA had assured townspeople in 1999 that the levee was sturdy enough to withstand a historic flood. In fact, some relieved homeowners dropped their flood insurance, and others applied for permits to build new houses and businesses. -

Flood inspires plan for clean water - Officials hope FEMA money available

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The city of Galesburg is in line to be reimbursed for some money spent trying to protect its water plant in Oquawka if Knox County is declared a federal a disaster area. The county is one of 21 counties designated a state disaster area by Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Mayor Gary Smith said Tuesday that Tim Sullivan, an aide to Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., plans to visit with him and City Manager Dane Bra -

Midwest's flood-prone communities consider buyouts

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After the Great Flood of 1993, thousands of properties in flood plains around the Midwest were bought out by the government. Now, weeks after the latest massive flood, buyouts are again being considered in at least five states — Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois.

Residents in areas that qualify can choose to sell their properties to their city or county, with 75 percent of the co -

The Next Step in California's Central Valley Flood Management: Connecting Costs and Benefits

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Historically, large expanses of California's low-lying Central Valley flooded nearly every winter. Over the past 150 years, individuals, communities, and state and national agencies have increasingly altered the landscape with levees, reservoirs, and bypasses to support agriculture and urban centers. The Central Valley's flood protection infrastructure and the institutions that manage flood risks -

Cedar Rapids Iowa 7 weeks after the Flood

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The flood victims in Cedar Rapids Iowa still need our support and assistance. I just returned home from my class reunion in Cedar Rapids and found the situation there to be devastating. Block after block for miles in the low lying areas along the river are deserted. The homes have been gutted. Volunteer workers from around the country in orange t-shirts and masks are the only humans in evidence. -

So How Much is 5 Million Liters of Water?

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FEMA reported Saturday morning that they had moved 5 million liters of water, 5 million meals and 270,000 cots into Texas, where an estimated 572,000 people live within the storm surge area.

Wow! 5 million liters of water. This sounds like a lot. Is it? I ran some quick numbers. -

Endangered species ruling could slow development in floodplains

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A ruling that development along dozens of rivers flowing from the Cascade Mountains to Washington state's Puget Sound jeopardizes endangered salmon, steelhead and killer whales could shape future construction in floodplains nationwide.

At the heart of the issue is the National Flood Insurance Program, which for 40 years has regulated river corridor development but paid scant attention to endan -

Sacramento Delta levees get FEMA scrutiny

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency is again zeroing in on Sacramento Delta levees, seeking assurances from owners of about 85 miles of barriers that they will withstand a 100-year flood.

The effort, under way in counties throughout the region, stems from a 2005 policy requiring that local jurisdictions nationally verify that their levees can hold back a flood having a 1 percent chance of -