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Dry weather tames New Brunswick flood

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More than 500 families had registered with the Red Cross and left their homes. About 120 were staying at shelters in the Fredericton area.

But many others have simply abandoned their homes to stay with friends and relatives, so it remains unclear how many have been displaced.

At one point, officials said about 1,300 homes were threatened by the river, but they couldn't be more specific abou -

A City engineer from Nevada honored for his work in flood control

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ooch, a civil engineer in the City of Sparks' Public Works Department, spent hundreds of hours in spearheading the effort to earn Federal Emergency Management Agency accreditation for flood controls in the marina area, an effort that saved homeowners thousands of dollars in mandatory flood

insurance costs and helped avoid potentially crippling costs for the Legends at Sparks Marina project. -

Corps wants to raise New Orlean's levees to 18 feet; St. Charles may get 100-year protection

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The levee protecting the east bank of St. Charles Parish from a hurricane storm surge should be raised from an average height of 13 feet to as high as 18 feet to protect the parish from a so-called 100-year hurricane, according to the Army Corps of Engineers' preferred plan.

The levee, which includes nine miles of earthen levee and 3,000 feet of floodwall, is currently authorized to be built a -

Highest Flood Recorded on Lower Mississippi River Since 1973

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The largest flood on the lower Mississippi River since 1973 was measured on April 22 in Vicksburg, Mississippi by the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The flood was caused by intense rainfall throughout the Midwest during March and April. -

New New Brunswick flood worry: boil water advisory in action

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Several New Brunswick communities along the St. John River have been placed under boil water advisories due to this week's flooding.

But there was some good news as emergency officials said that water levels are on the decline on Saturday, along the upper reaches of the St. John River. However, the crest is moving downstream, causing problems in Sheffield and Jemseg, two communities south of -

Catastrophic Flooding Changed The Course Of British History

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A catastrophic megaflood separated Britain from France hundreds of thousands of years ago, changing the course of British history, according to research recently published in the journal Nature. -