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Higher Food Prices Could Hurt Baltic Sea Water Quality

Posted By misspersian in Water Quality

A leading expert in environmental economy says that the sharp rise in food prices in recent months could start a sequence of events in motion that might sharply increase the amount of nutrient emissions polluting the Baltic Sea.

Speaking on an interview programme on YLE Radio, Network 1, Professor Markku Ollikainen said that the rise in the price of food is partly the result of increased deman -

India: Depleted groundwater threatens food chain

Posted By kevinthemann in Hydrogeology

Experts say the depletion of groundwater is a major threat to food security and economic stability in India, China, the United States, Mexico, Spain and North Africa. In China, the agricultural use of groundwater has skyrocketed, causing water tables to drop in many places by a rate of 5 feet a year. "The breadbasket of China - north of the Yellow River - has millions of people dependent on g -

Why Wasted Food Means Wasted Water?

Posted By Kaveh in Planning and Management

The wasting of food is wasting water -- a lot of it -- and there isn't much to spare.

A report released this week by the Stockholm International Water Institute says that as much as 50 percent of the calories grown globally don't make it to the table. Given that crop production uses about 1,800 trillion gallons (1,700 cubic miles) of water a year, almost 40 percent of which comes from irrigati -

Food, water security threaten Africa's growth-report

Posted By kevinthemann in Planning and Management

Deficient food supplies, inadequate fresh water and geopolitical risks are among the major threats to sustainable economic growth in Africa, a report released on Friday showed. -

Rice, Water, Luck, Wisdom

Posted By Ryan13 in Planning and Management

Each year, rice farmers choose between growing rice or selling the water that they would use to grow rice. This year, both water and rice are valuable, so they face the pleasant task of choosing whether to make a lot of money or more money! -

Californians should expect higher food costs with drought

Posted By misspersian in Planning and Management

The drought -- marked Wednesday with an official declaration by Gov. Schwarzenegger -- is expected to deliver a tremendous blow to the San Joaquin Valley's multibillion-dollar agriculture industry.

Shock waves also could spread throughout the local economy, experts say.

Food prices will climb. More farmland will be fallowed. Farm jobs will be trimmed.

Many growers on the Valley's west si -