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EPA Ground Water & Drinking Water Frequently Asked Questions

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* Getting Information about your Tap Water
o Is it safe?
o How will I know if my water isn't safe to drink?
o What's this new drinking water report that I've heard about?
o How can I test it?
* Drinking Water Standards and Contaminants
(including taste and odor concerns)
o What are drinking water standards?
o How do I f -

MIT Open Course Material | Groundwater Hydrology (Graduate Level)

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This course covers fundamentals of subsurface flow and transport, emphasizing the role of groundwater in the hydrologic cycle, the relation of groundwater flow to geologic structure, and the management of contaminated groundwater. The class includes laboratory and computer demonstrations. -

Like the Big Rigs? Then Attend the NGWA Ground Water Expo!

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Do you like big, shiny, water well drilling rigs with those long, straight masts? How about the latest in pump technology? Water quality testing gear? How about expensive food and drink at the Las Vegas Convention Center? Timely workshops and technical sessions? Has-been comics, singers, and bar bands in the Las Vegas Hilton's lounge? All sorts of gadgets and geegaws?

Then you ought to be at t -

World Groundwater Recharge Map

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Territory size shows the proportion of worldwide groundwater recharge occurring there.

Regionally South America has the most groundwater recharge. The lowest is in Japan.

Groundwater is water that has infiltrated rocks, and moved deep into the ground. Groundwater usually travels through permeable rocks, and sometimes forms underground rivers. Nearly 70% of all freshwater is groundwater, mak -

Report: Ground-Water Availability in the United States

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Ground water is among the Nation's most important natural resources. It provides half our drinking water and is essential to the vitality of agriculture and industry, as well as to the health of rivers, wetlands, and estuaries throughout the country. Large-scale development of ground-water resources with accompanying declines in ground-water levels and other effects of pumping has led to concerns -

Groundwater: the neglected resource

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Ground water is a neglected resource from both a quality and quantity perspective. Often, we don't worry excessively about how much of it we can extract before the loss becomes apparent. Collectively, we worry less about how usable the water is until something untoward happens (as in the case of groundwater contamination in Love Canal, NY, now 30 years ago and Hinkley, CA, the setting for Erin B -

Water research worries drillers, ranchers

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A paper published by University of Wyoming researchers has some oil and gas companies in the Powder River Basin worried about water discharge permits and some Wyoming ranchers worried the water they have been using for years will no longer be considered safe for livestock to drink.

The UW bulletin summarizes how 11 common contaminants found in ground water are metabolized by livestock and wild -

WaterWired: Deep Ground Water, Desalination, and Unintended Consequences: Water Policy Vacuum

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Just when I was wondering what to post today, John Fleck sent me this link to a 16 August 2008 Albuquerque Journal editorial about pumping and desalting deep ground water.

The sage folks at the Journal have done us all a service, exposing a flaw in New Mexico water policy (and those of other Western states, no doubt): what do you do about the pumping of deep ground water that, because of its -

Strategy to Assess the Nations Ground-Water Availability

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Scientists proposed a strategy to study the USA's ground-water supply as part of the Federal government's effort to help address the USA's increasing competition for water. Declines in ground-water levels have led to concerns about the future availability of ground water, which provides half the country's drinking water and is essential to the vitality of agriculture and industry, as well as to t -