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Cold Water Thrown on Antarctic Global-Warming Predictions

Posted By kevinthemann in Hydrology

Antarctica hasn't warmed as much over the last century as climate models had originally predicted, a new study finds.

Climate change's effects on Antarctica are of particular interest because of the substantial amount of water locked up in its ice sheets.

Should that water begin to melt, sea levels around the globe could rise and inundate low-lying coastal areas.

The new study, detailed -

Daily Arctic Sea Ice 2005-2006

Posted By dane307 in Fluid Mechanics

This animation shows the seasonal advance and retreat of sea ice over the Arctic from 2005-2006. The false color of the sea ice, derived from the AMSR-E instrument on NASA's Aqua satellite, highlights the fissures in the sea ice by showing warmer areas of ice in a deeper blue and colder areas of sea ice in a brighter white. The yearly cycle is repeated three times while the camera circles the Arc -

Massive ice shelf on verge of breakup

Posted By Svalbard in Fluid Mechanics

Some 220 square miles (570 square kilometers) of ice has collapsed in Antarctica and an ice shelf about the size of Connecticut is "hanging by a thread," the British Antarctic Survey has said, blaming global warming. "We are in for a lot more events like this," said professor Ted Scambos, a glaciologist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder. -

Climate Change Isn't Fiction

Posted By Kaveh in Miscellaneous

Center for American Progress Senior Fellow Joseph Romm, author of the new book, HELL & HIGH WATER joined Fox News's Shepard Smith to discuss a meeting of international scientists in Paris this week who are workng to determine the extent of the crisis caused by climate change. -

Another Sign of Climate Change Vast cracks in Arctic ice

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Evidence of the break-up of the Arctic ice-cap has emerged from research during an expedition by the Canadian military. Scientists travelling with troops found major new fractures in giant ice shelves in Canada's far north. David Shukman reports. To know more you can watch the video from BBC -