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Unholy water: Delhi's rotting river

Posted By goopsgoops in Water Quality

The Yamuna is the largest tributary of the revered Ganges, but its polluted waters pose an increasing health hazard to the Indian capital. Now campaigners are calling for urgent action to clean it up. -

Free Online Courses/Presentations regarding groundwater and water related topics in India

Posted By Christina in Hydrogeology

Multimedia Courses
An important initiative of the India Water Portal has been in creating multimedia courses on different topics related to water. The intention is to bring together domain experts and the latest in technology to enhance the learning experience. These multimedia courses can be downloaded to your computer and run from there, or viewed from here, over the internet. The multimedia -

In search of Water

Posted By sumant18 in Planning and Management

This is a journal about a man's journey on a bike in search of answers to the question of what water means to people across this vast land. He has currently traveled more than 7000KM in about 10 days on a bike. Check out his journey.... -

Three Water and Sanitation Projects in India Win Online Search

Posted By Waterlover in Miscellaneous

A billion people live without a safe water supply. Two and a half billion, or more than forty percent of all people, have no place to use a safe toilet. Recently on the Internet there was a competition to look for creative local solutions to water and sanitation needs. -

India and Pakistan: watch out for water fights

Posted By Ryan13 in Planning and Management

Defence analysts in South Asia have been saying for so long that India and Pakistan might solve their problems over Kashmir only to end up at war over water that I had almost become inured to the issue. That was until I read the following comment on an earlier blog about Gulf investors buying up farmland in Pakistan to offset food shortages at home:

“Tough challenges await the investors in thi -

Real-time wave forecasts off the western Indian coast

Posted By Kodiak22 in Fluid Mechanics

The wave observations at three locations off the west coast of India have been analyzed using artificial neural network (ANN) to obtain forecasts of significant wave heights at intervals of 3, 6, 12 and 24 h. The most appropriate training method requiring an input of four observations spread over previous 24 h has been selected after considerable trials. Further, the networks are trained after fi -

Pakistan may move WB against India over Chenab water

Posted By macy in Planning and Management

akistan on Tuesday decided to approach the World Bank (WB) in a last ditch effort for arbitration over a violation of the Indus Water Treaty by India if New Delhi did not concede the violation.

According to sources, India reduced water flow in the Chenab River that had hit the kharif crop hard in Pakistan. “India has committed gross violations of the Indus Water Treaty by reducing water flows -