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Iran Buys Wheat From U.S. For First Time in 27 Years!

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Iran this summer resumed buying U.S. wheat after a 27-year hiatus, a sign of the limited options for importers seeking large quantities of high-quality grain.

Since the 2008-09 marketing year began on June 1, Iran has bought more than one million tons of hard red winter wheat directly from the U.S., which is "a very large amount," said Bill Nelson, analyst for Wachovia Securities. The purchase -

New pipeline to link Israel, Turkey

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India, Israel and Turkey have discussed the construction of an offshore pipeline to connect Turkey and Israel via the Mediterranean Sea.

Senior officials from India, Israel and Turkey have met in Ankara to discuss the Med Stream project, a multi-purpose offshore pipeline for the transportation of oil, natural gas, water, electricity and fiber optic cables.

Israel will conduct feasibility st -

Iran dam building pushing ahead

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Iran expects to have five large dams completed by its year end, in late March, out of the total of 94 major projects under construction.

The country has had lower rainfall in many areas and is pushing ahead with its dam building programme despite limited materials supplies over the past year. Limited funding was also an issue and the Government has increased credits to the water sector, said t -

Tehran drinking water has highest nitrate level in Iran

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Tehran water supply has the highest level of nitrate in the country, director of Tehran's Department of Environment (DOE) said here on Thursday.

"Nitrate level in the capital's water supply has exceeded the drinking water quality standards," Mohammad-Baqer Saduq said, stressing that now is the time to put fears about nitrate levels in water into true perspective.

The standard for nitrate in -


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The Near East region extends from Turkey in the north to Somalia in the south and from Mauritania in the west to Afghanistan in the east. It is characterized by aridity and scarcity of water which explains its dependence on irrigation since ancestral times. The aim of this paper is to give a brief overview of the history of water management and irrigation developments in the region, based on remn -

California: Santa Cruz water man is back from Iran

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Jack Schultz has returned from Iran and his mission to study that country's 2,000-year-old water systems.

Last month, the 80-year-old civil engineer boarded a plane to Iran in the hopes that studying the desert region's methods of delivering water to cities and towns would help Santa Cruz weather droughts.

His trip was made possible by the peace-seeking group Fellowship of Reconciliation, e -

Iraq blames neighbors for water shortage

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Iraq's Cabinet minister in charge of managing water resources says Iraq is suffering from a water shortage because of the policies of neighboring countries and insufficient winter rainfall.

Abdul-Latif Jamal Rasheed says Iraqis are seeking a "sufficient and fair share of water" from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Rasheed says neighboring Turkey and Iran have built large number of dams and -

Pictures of Iran's Gandoman wetland's wildlife after fire

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Fire has destroyed over 400 hectares (1000 acres) of Iran's Gandoman Wetland, including its wildlife. The fire lasted over a week. In these four pictures you can see the damage caused to this wetland. The fourth picture shows this wetland before the fire. -