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UC Davis PhD students initiate a website for the water resources community worldwide

Posted By aqua in Miscellaneous is a place for the water resources professionals to share information. Scientists, researchers, students, and industry professionals can use this free community service provided by UC Davis PhD students to find what is new and popular in the water resources area and share, store, organize, and search the bookmarks of web pages in this area. -

WaterSISWEB: social bookmarking water website

Posted By macy in Miscellaneous

WaterSISWEB is a free social bookmarking web site for water resources professionals. It is part of the SISWEBS (Scientific Information Syndication WEBsiteS) family of websites. While the main focus is on USA/Canada, there are regional categories for Africa and Asia. Registered users can post links to water resources content on the web, and other registered users have the opportunity to vote for o -

California Dams to Feel Impact of Climate Change

Posted By Kaveh in Planning and Management

California's high-elevation dams could generate considerably less power over the next 40 years as a result of rising temperatures associated with climate change, according to a recent study by researchers at the University of California, Davis.

Under a warmer, drier climate projected in computer models, hydroelectric dams above 1,000 feet in elevation in the state would produce about 20 percen -

Playing Chicken in the Bay-Delta?

Posted By Hadian in Planning and Management

This article, posted by Professor Michael Campana at Oregon State University, draws attention to the results of a study on California's San Joaquin Delta Conflict.
"What really made a mark were the Conclusions", he says. The Delta is not a static problem and is worsening with time from almost all perspectives. Such changes transform the core conflict from a Prisoners' Dilemma to a game... -

Energy Policy: Developing a module for estimating climate warming effects on hydropower pricing in California

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Climate warming is expected to alter hydropower generation in California through affecting the annual stream-flow regimes and reducing snowpack. On the other hand, increased temperatures are expected to increase hydropower demand for cooling in warm periods while decreasing demand for heating in winter, subsequently altering the annual hydropower pricing patterns. The resulting variations in hydr -

California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conflict: from Cooperation to Chicken

Posted By Soroush in Planning and Management

This paper traces changes in this conflict in game theoretic terms, with its implications for the region's physical and ecological decline and governance.Game theory provides some insights on the potential for win-win
solutions. The Delta problem has had a Prisoner's Dilemma structure, where stakeholder self interest makes cooperation unlikely within a reasonable timeframe. However, the cor -

Non-Cooperative Stability Definitions for Strategic Analysis of Generic Water Resources Conflicts

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In game theory, potential resolutions to a conflict are found through stability analysis, based on stability definitions having precise mathematical structures. A stability definition reflects a decision maker's behavior in a conflict or game, predicts how the game is played, and suggests the resolutions or equilibria of the dispute. Various stability definitions, reflecting different types of pe -

Estimated impacts of climate warming on California's high-elevation hydropower

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California's hydropower system is composed of high and low elevation power plants. There are more than 150 high-elevation power plants, at elevations above 1,000 feet (300 m). Most have modest reservoir storage capacities, but supply roughly 74% of California's in-state hydropower. The expected shift of runoff peak from spring to winter due to climate warming, resulting in snowpack reduction and -

Game theory and water resources

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Managing water resources systems usually involves conflicts. Behaviors of stakeholders, who might be willing to contribute to improvements and reach a win–win situation, sometimes result in worse conditions for all parties. Game theory can identify and interpret the behaviors of parties to water resource problems and describe how interactions of different parties who give priority to their own ob -