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Justification Review of Water Resources Management Program in Florida

Posted By god in Planning and Management

This report presents the results of our program evaluation and justification review of the Department of Environmental Protection's Water Resource Management Program. -

Why There's a Water Crisis in the Most Water-Rich Region

Posted By Josue in Planning and Management

The 16th commemoration of World Water Day came and went in March with little fanfare. Francisco, a retired construction worker in El Salvador, didn't have much to celebrate anyway. When I spoke with him on the poor outskirts of San Salvador last December, water had not come out of his faucets for months. Despite making minimum wage, or about $161 a month, he still dutifully pays his $7 dollar wat -

Phoenix water use down 20% over 15 years; education, easy reforms credited

Posted By goopsgoops in Planning and Management

Water usage in Phoenix has dropped 20 percent in the past 15 years, the result of ongoing educational efforts and increased efficiency, city officials say.

According to information from the city's Water Services Department, average per capita daily usage has plunged from about 250 gallons per person per day to about 200 gallons.

Total water usage has held steady, even as the population has -

Worldwide water shortage on the horizon

Posted By kevinthemann in Planning and Management

A growing international water crisis is forcing governments to rethink how they value and use and manage water, especially because economic development hinges on water availability.

Drinking water supplies, agriculture, energy production and generation, mining and industry all require large quantities of water.

In the future, these sectors will be competing for increasingly limited freshwat -

Assessment of Water Resources Through System Dynamics Simulation: From Global Issues to Regional Solutions

Posted By Kaveh in Planning and Management

The growing scarcity of fresh and clean water is among the most important issues facing civilization in the 21st century. Despite the growing attention to a chronic, pernicious crisis in world's water resources our ability to correctly assess and predict global water availability, use and balance is still quite limited. WorldWater model is developed and used to assess global world water resources -

Slowly, slowly water legislation advances in California

Posted By aqua in Planning and Management

Lawmakers try to tackle the state's water challenges.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Water is one of those California conundrums in which progress seems tortuous. Unless a deal can be struck that rewards all water interests – farmers, cities, environmentalists, etc. – one or more factions is often able to kill any step forward.

Such is the backdrop of this year's Legislature, where some lawmakers are -

IV International Symposium on Transboundary Waters Management

Posted By goopsgoops in Planning and Management

Transboundary water resources are increasing in importance as sources of freshwater worldwide. As much as 80% of water resources in the Mediterranean region are shared between two or more countries, and in N. Africa and the Middle East, transboundary groundwaters are the most important source of freshwater. The 2003 UN Report (UN WWDR, 2003) entitled “Water for Life Water for People”, listed 263 -