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Global Warming Puts the Arctic on Thin Ice

Posted By goopsgoops in Miscellaneous

Answers to questions about the Arctic's shrinking ice cap and its global significance.

1. Why are global warming specialists watching the Arctic so closely?
2. What kinds of changes are taking place in the Arctic now?
3. How does this dramatic ice melt affect the Arctic?
4. Will Arctic ice melt have any effects beyond the polar region?
5. Can we do anything to stop global wa -

Melting Himalayan Glaciers Set Alarm Bells Ringing

Posted By kevinthemann in Hydrology

Various studies suggest that the warming in the Himalayas has been greater than the global average due to which a number of ice packed glaciers are melting or getting displaced from their origin along with reports of glacier sliding due to which the unfamiliar changes are under spotlights in the areas including Northern Areas of Pakistan. -

Ice Free - Will Global Warming Give Greenland Its Independence?

Posted By misspersian in Planning and Management

Greenland's ice sheet represents one of global warming's most disturbing threats. The vast expanses of glaciers — massed, on average, 1.6 miles deep — contain enough water to raise sea levels worldwide by 23 feet. Should they melt or otherwise slip into the ocean, they would flood coastal capitals, submerge tropical islands and generally redraw the world's atlases. The infusion of fresh water cou -

Arctic Ice Bigger Than 2007, But Thawing Long-Term

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Arctic sea ice is unlikely to shrink below a 2007 record low this year in a reprieve from the worst predictions of climate change even though new evidence confirms a long-term thaw is under way, experts said. -

Run for the hills, the icecaps are melting

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What happens when the ice caps melt? Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Run for the hills, the icecaps are melting.
Humanity makes another giant step into the realms which were once reserved only for science fiction. Technology has just enabled us to see what happens when the ice caps melt.
Experts say that the northern pole's ice cap will completely melt this summer.
I guess the ice wasn't holdi -