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Water-rich New England builds … a desalination plant?

Posted By goopsgoops in Planning and Management

Far from the arid US Southwest and its longstanding water woes, or even the Southeast and its new water skirmishes – attitudes are shifting in lush New England.

That's right. Despite abundant lakes and good rainfall, weak groundwater resources have crimped economic growth in some areas. As a result, the first big New England desalination plant turning brackish (salt water, fresh water mix) int -

Where Is Your Soil Water

Posted By misspersian in Miscellaneous

Crop yield is highly dependent on soil plant-available water, the portion of soil water that can be taken up by plant roots. Quantitative determination of the maximum amount of plant-available water in soil using traditional methods on soil samples remains challenging, especially at the scale of an entire field.

However, a map of plant-available water capacity for a field would be instrumental -

Iraq faces a serious water crisis

Posted By aqua in Water Quality

Just months after Americans repaired a sewage treatment plant in southern Baghdad, insurgents attacked the facility and killed the manager. Looters took care of the rest.

Nearly three years later, the plant remains an abandoned shell. Raw sewage is still flowing freely through giant pipes into the Tigris River, ending up in some of the capital's drinking water. And those pipes are hardly the o -

95% Energy Self-sufficient Wastewater Treatment Plant

Posted By aqua in Water Quality

Designed to treat the wastewater of the 2.2 million inhabitants of Greater Amman, the inaugurated plant implements technically advanced solutions for wastewater treatment (activated sludge and primary settling) and for sludge treatment (digestion and composting). With an average daily capacity of 267,000 cubic metres and a maximum daily capacity of 530,000 cubic metres, the plant discharges water -

Saltwater solution to save crops

Posted By aqua in Water Quality

Plant-powered desalination utilizes saline groundwater

Technology under development at the University of New South Wales could offer new hope to farmers in drought-affected and marginal areas by enabling crops to grow using salty groundwater. -

Raw sewage threat to booming Dubai

Posted By teddyRIO in Water Quality

Down on the beach next to the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club and the fishing harbour there's a stink: raw sewage is flowing into the sea close to prime tourist beaches.

The putrid problem is caused by the illegal dumping of untreated sewage in Dubai's inland storm drain network, as the city's rapid growth outstrips its infrastructure.

At Dubai's only sewage treatment plant there are long queue -