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Algae found in E China lake, water for 320,000 threatened

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Blue-green algae has been discovered in Chaohu Lake, which is China's fifth largest body of fresh water and the drinking water source for about 320,000 people, an environmental official said.

The lake in Anhui Province has been severely polluted in recent months.

Following a long stretch of hot, dry weather, patches of algae were found in the western part of the lake, and traces o -

Is Your Water Polluted? These Critters Will Tell You.

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Dr. John Jackson, an entomologist, or scientist who studies bugs, of Stroud Water Research Center, said critters like mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies can't live in areas with serious pollution problems. They offer a world of knowledge that a single water sample can't because they live there and are, in essence, constantly taking samples.

For instance, if a formerly healthy critter populat -

EPA might not act to limit rocket fuel in drinking water

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An EPA official said Tuesday there's a "distinct possibility" the agency won't take action to rid drinking water of a toxic rocket fuel ingredient that has contaminated public water supplies around the country. This article discusses this topic in detail. -

Nutrient Pollution Reductions From Urban Stream Restoration Quantified

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A team of researchers led by University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science researcher Dr. Sujay Kaushal has been among the first able to quantify the amount of excess nitrogen removed from an urban stream during environmental restoration projects. This breakthrough will allow environmental managers to accurately assess the pollution reducing benefits of stormwater management and urban s -

YouTube - Mountaintop Removal Movie from

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This video shows the devastating process of mountain top removal to ease extraction of coal for profit. One can see the irreversible and extreme destruction this process causes to the rivers of the Appalachian Mountains. -

Water users at risk in St Helens, Australia

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A St Helens doctor has again called for a precautionary approach to chemical contamination in Tasmania's water.

Alison Bleaney wants water catchments to be protected in advance from pesticides, rather than when they have already been degraded.

Dr Bleaney says pesticide monitoring is seen as the last thing to do, rather than the first.

"It's really a compliance monitoring to ensure that w -