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2007 Water Resources Conference: Bridging the Gap

Posted By god in Planning and Management

The 2007 Water Resources Conference is the first event in the spectrum of activity being undertaken by the newly formed Auburn University Water Resources Center, part of the Natural Resources Management & Development Institute at Auburn University. Through outreach initiatives like the Conference, it is our hope to facilitate the critically needed, visionary changes necessary to protect freshwate -

Wetlands help ensure our water quality and environmental integrity

Posted By aqua in Water Quality

When Black Swamp drainage began some 150 years ago for agricultural purposes, much wetlands acreage went with it.

For example, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), only about 5 percent of the Black Swamp remains while the state's wetlands have declined from five million acres in the late 1700s to about 500,000 acres today. Other states have also lost considerable wetla -

DEVELOPMENT-KENYA: Water Studies - But Where Are the Water Supplies?

Posted By kevinthemann in Planning and Management

Paying 30 cents for water on a day when supplies are scarce is not feasible for many in Kenya. Latest figures in the 2007/2008 'Human Development Report', issued by the United Nations, put the proportion of Kenyans living on less than a dollar a day at almost 23 percent, while just over 58 percent survive on less than two dollars daily. -

Bush begins effort to track nation's water quality

Posted By Waterlover in Water Quality

The White House on Tuesday directed four agencies to develop yardsticks for charting changes in the amount and quality of the nation's water.

Clay Johnson, a deputy director of the White House budget office, said various indicators would be used to evaluate whether environmental policies and programs are working. "We currently lack consistent information on the environment and natural resource -

Europe: Bathing Water Quality Mapped

Posted By Ryan13 in Water Quality

The Belgian company GIM now for the third consequent year has mapped the bathing water quality throughout Europe. Everybody can select the ideal swimming spot location in a glance. The choice has been justified by the management structure of GIM and the pro-active way of meeting problems. -

Managing manure

Posted By kevesha in Water Quality

A method of turning farmyard waste water into water fit to bathe in has been developed by Edinburgh University engineers. The eco-friendly system allows for safe storage and treatment of farm dirty water and requires very little maintenance. -

River use banned after French uranium leak

Posted By vbilvardi in Miscellaneous

Residents in the Vaucluse, a popular southern French tourist destination, were banned yesterday from drinking well-water or swimming or fishing in two rivers after a uranium leak from one of France's nuclear power plants.
Nuclear officials yesterday revised down the amount of untreated liquid uranium that spilled from the Tricastin nuclear power centre in Bollene, saying it was limited to 75kg -

Broken Promises - Water Bonds don't follow through on promises

Posted By westchesterdad in Planning and Management

California is poised to introduce yet another multi-billion dollar water bond. Voters in the state have already approved 6 bond measures going back to 1996 and costing us $16.6 BILLION had promised to resolve future water shortages.

Here's a list of state water measures that were approved and the claims and promises. What chance does another bond have to solve the problem? -