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More research on climate change and water supplies needed, UA climate scientist tells Congress

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The country's biggest potential water problem “is what we don't know” about water and climate change, the University of Arizona's Nobel Prize-winning climate scientist testified in Congress.
“We don't know what lies underground . . . We don't know how climate change will affect water resources,” said Prof. Jonathan Overpeck, director of the University of Arizona's Institute for the Study of Plan -

Rainfall and river networks prove accurate predictors of fish biodiversity

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Princeton researchers have invented a method for turning simple data about rainfall and river networks into accurate assessments of fish biodiversity, allowing better prediction of the effects of climate change and the ecological impact of man-made structures like dams.

The mathematics behind the new method also can be used to model and predict a wide range of other questions, from the transmi -

USA's drought begins to ease

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Heavy rainfall in the Southeast and record snowpack in the Rockies have eased dramatically the nation's worst drought in more than a century.

Drought conditions are the least severe since January 2006. A quarter of the USA is suffering some form of drought today, down from 65% last summer, federal agencies said.

In the Southeast, where drought has been most severe, the area in drought has p -

New US study says greenhouse gases will disrupt severely US water, agriculture, forestry

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Climate change will cause much less rainfall in the Southwest and more rain in the Southeast in coming decades, according to a study released today with the signatures of three Bush administration Cabinet officials.

See the report at

The New York Times report on this leads with the growth of concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing t -

Georgia's drought could grow worse

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Georgia's drought could get even worse before it gets better. That was the verdict from state climatologist David Stooksbury, who warned Tuesday that conditions are expected to worsen in the coming months. He said drought conditions have already spread into south-central and southwest Georgia, and temperatures as high as 106 degrees could grip parts of the state if the dry conditions intensify. H -

Food and water shortages displace Afghans

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Thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes due to food and water shortages in northern Afghanistan, the government said on Wednesday. Many parts of Afghanistan did not receive enough rain and snow this year, increasing concern the country may face drought again, amid global soaring food prices that have already hit the mountainous and war-torn country. The exodus of nearly 2,000 fa -

L.A. County tries to help Mother Nature with rainfall

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It's not like Los Angeles County approved money for rain dancers.

Not yet anyway.

But the county Board of Supervisors did approve money last week for a type of farming that the county has relied on for nearly 50 years: planting seeds in clouds for rainfall in the San Gabriel Mountains.

"We are coming off record low rain amounts, and this will help sustain local water supply," said Willia -

Country Scientist: Midwest floods as S. Texas suffers through drought

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Those fluffy cumulus clouds floating overhead are loaded with tons and tons of water. But lately very little of it has fallen over South Texas. Instead, clouds from the Gulf of Mexico have dumped torrential rain across Iowa and neighboring states. The rain merged with the melt from the record winter snowfall to produce unprecedented flooding.

Meanwhile, much of the U.S. suffers with drought, i -