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Water Crisis in Rwanda Fuels Fears of Cholera

Posted By maggie 3151 days ago in Miscellaneous

Gisenyi residents have expressed concern at the ongoing water crisis in the town which they fear could spark a Cholera outbreak.

This comes days after water shortages hit the entire Gisenyi Sector which has forced hundreds of residents to resort to using water from Lake Kivu. -

WFP and WERF Announce Research Partnership in Rwanda

Posted By aquadoc in Planning and Management

DENVER – April 29, 2010 – Water For People and the Water Environment Research Foundation have announced a partnership to support research in water resource management in Rwanda. Under this new partnership, Water For People will study the uses, development and stewardship of water in the tiny east-African nation, while WERF's advisory group will help guide the process, ensuring that lessons learne -

New Nile agreement a wake-up call for Egypt

Posted By macy in Planning and Management

A new agreement by five African states on Nile water sharing has been a wake-up call for Egypt, which has long considered the river its own, analysts say.

Until now, Cairo had distanced itself from any discussion that would change the favourable terms of treaties signed in 1929 and 1959, guaranteeing the lion's share of Nile waters to Egypt.

The new agreement by Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tan - Rwanda: Hydropower Project to Displace 680 Households

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The Rusumo hydroelectric project is a multi-state venture involving Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania and is expected to cost the three countries approximately US$440million to produce 80megga watts of electricity to be shared among the states. -

Rwanda: Nile Waters Should Be a Source of Cooperation - Egyptian Envoy

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The Egyptian Ambassador to Rwanda, Khaled Abdel Rahman, has spoken out on the Nile Waters; calling on the Nile Basin Countries to consider using the waters as a source of cooperation other than causing contention.

Rahman said that although there might be differences basing on ideology per country, dialogue should be the way to go. -

Water: Think Again | Kaveh Madani | TEDxKish

Posted By britneyg in Hydrology , Planning and Management , Miscellaneous

The future war could be about water. In this great TEDx talk, Kaveh Madani discusses the possibility of water wars in the future and our opportunities to prevent them. Based on his discussion, the fact that water is linked to many other resources and issues (food, dignity, energy, independence, etc) provides opportunities for trades and cooperation. He discusses how he uses game theory and gaming to study and analyze water conflicts and presents his personal experiences and surprises in Africa where he found that theory does not necessarily support reality. -