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Florida to curb ocean sewage dumping

Posted By goopsgoops in Water Quality

The sun-drenched beaches of southeast Florida lure tourists from all over the world. But few of them may realize that a torrent of human waste is dumped silently every day into the seemingly pristine waters offshore.

Every day, three densely populated counties pump into the Atlantic Ocean a total of at least 300 million gallons of partially treated urban waste water, too polluted even for wate -

Water Shortage Concerns in Arizona: Tucson Contemplates Going From Toilet to Tap

Posted By Waterlover in Water Quality

Tuscon residents may soon be drinking treated wastewater as part of a growing national trend to offset diminishing freshwater sources.

Faced with increasing demand for water, Tucson Water Company has recommended that the city eventually use its growing stream of sewage to augment its drinking water. Using a procedure known as the Fountain Valley process, Tucson Water could completely close the -

California plant will be expanded to treat Mexican sewage

Posted By kevinthemann in Planning and Management

The commission responsible for cleaning runaway sewage along the U.S.-Mexico border said it will upgrade a government wastewater plant in California instead of paying a private developer to build a new treatment facility across the border in Tijuana, Mexico.

The decision by the International Boundary and Water Commission appears to end a decade-long gambit by Bajagua LLC to win hundreds of mil -

Australia: Sewage could be the new gold

Posted By kevinthemann in Planning and Management

SEWAGE could be the new gold as water scarcity pushes up the value of recycled effluent water and fertiliser, a senior legal academic says. Janice Gray, a senior law lecturer from the University of New South Wales, said the property rights of sewage could become the legal battleground of the future. -

Engineers Design 'Brain' of Smart Sewage-Control Network

Posted By Waterlover in Water Quality

Engineers from Purdue and Notre Dame universities are working with Indiana startup EmNet LLC on a wireless sensor network for the city of South Bend to prevent raw sewage from overflowing into waterways, especially from surging runoff during storms. The system will use a citywide network of 105 manhole-mounted sensors and "smart valves" to automatically hold back the flow of rainwater and sewage -

One big drug test: Analyzing a city's sewage can put a number on its vices

Posted By Ryan13 in Water Quality

Which city uses more cocaine: Los Angeles or London? Is heroin a big problem in San Diego? And has Ecstasy emerged in rural America?

Environmental scientists are beginning to use an unsavory new tool -- raw sewage -- to paint an accurate portrait of drug abuse in communities. Like one big, citywide urinalysis, tests at municipal sewage plants in many areas of the United States and Europe, incl -