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What is happeining to California? Need to deal with water needs crucial

Posted By Kaveh in Fluid Mechanics

Two parched years - punctuated by the driest spring in at least 150 years - could force districts across California to ration water this summer as policymakers and scientists grow increasingly concerned that the state is on the verge of a long-term drought.

State water officials reported Thursday that the Sierra Nevada snowpack, the source of a huge portion of California's water supply, was on -

WaterWired: 'The Economist' Looks At Water Wars: What, No Ground Water?

Posted By Josue in Planning and Management

The current (3 May 2008) issue of The Economist contains a piece on 'Streams of blood, or streams of peace', about the potential for nations going to war over water. It's a good article, examining a number of river basins around the world with the potential for conflict. -

Singapore water makes global waves

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Water shortages are making waves all over the world, with supplies increasingly seen as an issue of national security. In Singapore, they have boiled it down to economics. Singapore's water shortages have always posed a major challenge. "Although we're on the equator and we've got lots of rain, we have nowhere to naturally store water," explains Khoo Teng Chye, chief executive of the city-s -

Water meter plan for 80% of homes in London, Swindon and Oxfordshire

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Thames Water has said it plans to install water meters in 80% of properties within the next 12 years in an effort to tackle water shortages. The company said increasing demand due to rising populations in the London, Swindon and Oxfordshire areas will make water metering a necessity. Currently the water use in the area is 12 litres above the national average of 150 litres per person per day, which -

Iraq, U.S. move to avert Baghdad water shortage

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Baghdad's crumbling roads, burst sewage pipes and chronic water shortages are casualties of war that get little attention amid the daily litany of gunfights, bombs and bloodletting in Iraq.

As summer approaches, the city is facing an acute shortage of drinking water despite the efforts of officials like Sadiq Shumari, its director of water services.

Temperatures are set to reach 50 Celsius -