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A World of Reasons to Ditch Bottled Water

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Bottled water manufacturers' encourage the perception that their products are purer and safer than tap water. Bottled water can cost up to 10,000 times more per gallon than tap water. But the reality is that tap water is actually held to more stringent quality standards than bottled water, and some brands of bottled water are just tap water in disguise. What's more, our increasing consumption of -

EPA Ground Water & Drinking Water Frequently Asked Questions

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* Getting Information about your Tap Water
o Is it safe?
o How will I know if my water isn't safe to drink?
o What's this new drinking water report that I've heard about?
o How can I test it?
* Drinking Water Standards and Contaminants
(including taste and odor concerns)
o What are drinking water standards?
o How do I f -

In Taiwan (and UK?) drinking or even showering in tap water can double the risk of having deformed children

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Drinking tap water while pregnant may double the risk of serious heart or brain defects in the unborn child, research suggests.

A study of almost 400,000 babies found a clear link between chemicals formed during chlorination and the occurrence of a trio of birth defects.

Drinking water, showers, swimming pools and even the steam from a boiling kettle can all contain the problem chemicals ca -

Tap Water is Fine for Your Dog!

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According to a new study reported in the June 1, 2008, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, their is absolutely no reason to give your dog anything but water from your tap.

The study, led by Dr. Lorraine Backer of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that dogs are not susceptible to the chemicals, such as chlorine used to disinfect municipal water. Dogs don't -

How To Quit Bottled Water?

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You've heard of people trying to quit smoking, right. Well, if you, like many others, are addicted to bottled water, then this article will give you some facts and figures in a few steps that will make you think twice and want to quit this environmentally unfriendly habit without having too many withdrawals. Bottled water is incredibly wasteful on so many different levels. If you live in the deve -