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Cloud seeding: Facing the challenge of a water crunch

Posted By aqua in Planning and Management

s the world's major water resources rapidly run out and fears that future conflicts will be over water security, a small group of Egyptian specialists believe that the best way to ward off the specter of an impending water crisis is a little-known technology called cloud seeding. Simply put, this means prompting clouds to produce rain.

Other researchers, however, argue that cloud seeding can n -

The Changing World of Stormwater Technology

Posted By vbilvardi in Miscellaneous

The project was an important one: Drew Gangnes and his fellow engineers had built five green roofs scattered throughout downtown Seattle. The goal: to see how much rainwater runoff the roofs prevented from hitting the streets of the city and entering Seattle's system of stormwater sewers. -

Bacteria and nanofilters: the future of clean water technology

Posted By kevinthemann in Water Quality

Bacteria often get bad press, with those found in water often linked to illness and disease. But researchers at The University of Nottingham are using these tiny organisms alongside the very latest membrane filtration techniques to improve and refine water cleaning technology. -

Swedish technology extracts water from air

Posted By kevinthemann in Hydrology

Researchers from Sweden have helped develop an invention that can extract water from the air.

The new device is capable of producing a glass of water in five minutes. It currently uses regular electricity but may in the future be solar-powered. -

Akvopedia: Open Source for Water Technolog

Posted By misspersian in Miscellaneous

The new website Akvopedia shares knowledge of water and sanitation technology, open source style, to ensure these resources are available to more people worldwide. -

Water treatment firms help industry close the water loop

Posted By teddyRIO in Water Quality

CHEAP AND PLENTIFUL, water was for centuries a manufacturing tool that industry took for granted. But population growth, globalization, and climate change are shepherding in a new water-constrained era. Good, clean water just cannot be replaced—and it is getting harder to come by. -