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Cold Water Thrown on Antarctic Global-Warming Predictions

Posted By kevinthemann in Hydrology

Antarctica hasn't warmed as much over the last century as climate models had originally predicted, a new study finds.

Climate change's effects on Antarctica are of particular interest because of the substantial amount of water locked up in its ice sheets.

Should that water begin to melt, sea levels around the globe could rise and inundate low-lying coastal areas.

The new study, detailed -

Irrigation's temperature-reducing effect can't be sustained

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Research suggests that irrigation acts as a crude air conditioner. It cools places like California's central valley, the plains of Kansas and vast stretches of Asia. In fact, scientists say those chilling effects have masked climate change in those areas, buffering parts of the planet against warming temperatures. “You look out 50 years from now, and consider all the factors that are contributing -

Ocean temperatures and sea level increases 50 percent higher than previously estimated

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New research suggests that ocean temperature and associated sea level increases between 1961 and 2003 were 50 percent larger than estimated in the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

The results are reported in the June 19 edition of the journal Nature. An international team of researchers, including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory climate scientist Peter Gleckler, co -

Projected agriculture in 2080 due to climate change

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With our climate changes, we have to adapt our ways to a new environment – in most cases warmer and possibly wetter and drier. Projections on the climate in the future provide some guidance for us, but how can we create models for how the human society reacts? This map presents a rough idea of changes in agricultural output from increased temperatures, precipitation differences and also from carb -

Australia facing severe drought

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An Australian government report has warned that the country is facing severe drought and heat waves on an unprecedented scale.

Australia is facing severe drought and heat waves on an unprecedented scale, a government report warns. Droughts could hit twice as often as is currently the case, and could be more severe in key agricultural areas, it says.

By 2030, instances of extreme temperature -

Dutch climate changing faster than world's

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The climate in the Netherlands and Western Europe is changing faster than in the rest of the world. In its latest climate report, the Dutch National Weather Centre (KNMI), says that since 1950 the temperature in the Netherlands has increased twice as fast as the average world temperature.

Not only has the trend has become stronger in the last five years, but 2006 and 2007 were the warmest year -

Dramatic evidence of Arctic warming

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Autumn temperatures in the Arctic are at record highs, the Arctic Ocean is getting warmer and less salty as sea ice melts, and reindeer herds appear to be declining, researchers reported Thursday.

"Obviously, the planet is interconnected, so what happens in the Arctic does matter" to the rest of the world, Jackie Richter-Menge of the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory in Hanover, -

Risk of Disease Rises With Water Temperatures

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When a 1991 cholera outbreak that killed thousands in Peru was traced to plankton blooms fueled by warmer-than-usual coastal waters, linking disease outbreaks to epidemics was a new idea.

Now, scientists say, it is a near-certainty that global warming will drive significant increases in waterborne diseases around the world.

Rainfalls will be heavier, triggering sewage overflows, contaminat -