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Iraq, U.S. move to avert Baghdad water shortage

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Baghdad's crumbling roads, burst sewage pipes and chronic water shortages are casualties of war that get little attention amid the daily litany of gunfights, bombs and bloodletting in Iraq.

As summer approaches, the city is facing an acute shortage of drinking water despite the efforts of officials like Sadiq Shumari, its director of water services.

Temperatures are set to reach 50 Celsius -

War of words over water in Spanish drought row

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A ship carrying thousands of litres of drinking water has arrived in the drought stricken port of Barcelona - just as the heavens opened.

The delivery is part of an unprecedented emergency plan to alleviate demand for water after some of the driest winters and springs on record.

Last month Spain's central government agreed that a new temporary pipe could be built to transfer water from the -

New battle in war over delta/san joaquin water

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The fight over water in the San Joaquin River has resumed in earnest. In a letter dated May 12, Modesto Irrigation District general manager Allen Short demanded that action be taken against those who pump water from the south delta.
This is the latest salvo in a battle that stretches back decades. Acting as the coordinator for the eight-member San Joaquin River Group, Short says that two small i -

Water Wars: Ocklawaha, Rodman dam are flash points

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There's a history lesson, but the history is ebbing from memory. And the lesson couldn't be more relevant.

The Ocklawaha used to be one of Florida's biggest tourist attractions, and then one of its most ambitious economic projects, and then, some say, one of its most disgraceful environmental tragedies.

Now, this tributary of the St. Johns River has become a flash point in the debate over C -

Canada's conern: America wants our water

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says Canadians should be seriously concerned about Americans who want to steal Canada's water.

Kennedy is in Peterborough, Ont., today to deliver a speech at a Great Lakes conference, and in an interview with The Canadian Press, he warned Canadians that their water is at risk.

He says the United States is just beginning to experience a severe water -