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Florida to curb ocean sewage dumping

Posted By goopsgoops in Water Quality

The sun-drenched beaches of southeast Florida lure tourists from all over the world. But few of them may realize that a torrent of human waste is dumped silently every day into the seemingly pristine waters offshore.

Every day, three densely populated counties pump into the Atlantic Ocean a total of at least 300 million gallons of partially treated urban waste water, too polluted even for wate -

Why Wasted Food Means Wasted Water?

Posted By Kaveh in Planning and Management

The wasting of food is wasting water -- a lot of it -- and there isn't much to spare.

A report released this week by the Stockholm International Water Institute says that as much as 50 percent of the calories grown globally don't make it to the table. Given that crop production uses about 1,800 trillion gallons (1,700 cubic miles) of water a year, almost 40 percent of which comes from irrigati -

Philippines Environment Monitor: Water Quality

Posted By kevinthemann in Water Quality

Poor water quality has large economic and quality of life costs, in terms of health impacts and foregone revenues. According to the Philippine government's monitoring data, just over 36 percent of the country's river systems are classified as sources of public water supply and that up to 58 percent of groundwater sampled is contaminated with coliform and needs treatment. Approximately 31 percent -

Seven Ways to Save Energy by Saving Water

Posted By aqua in Planning and Management

1. Use local water
2. Use less heated water in homes and businesses
3. Use energy-saving appliances
4. Learn from Australia
5. Rethink your bathroom
6. Rip out that lawn and replace it with a rain garden
7. Eat more vegetables and grains; cut down on the beef -

Confessions and manipulations of the Los Angeles Mayor, the water-waster

Posted By misspersian in Miscellaneous

Apparently annoyed by a reporter (Alan Mittelstaedt) who was pestering him to release his water bills, pursuant to legal requirements, Nahai decided to take his water bills to another reporter instead. It also tends to show that Nahai only did the right thing only after being exposed as a water waster. But that's not the only issue. -

Managing manure

Posted By kevesha in Water Quality

A method of turning farmyard waste water into water fit to bathe in has been developed by Edinburgh University engineers. The eco-friendly system allows for safe storage and treatment of farm dirty water and requires very little maintenance. -

Water and Wastewater

Posted By Ryan13 in Miscellaneous

This video basically describes how we are doing ourselves and environmental disservice by using BOTTLED water. Apparently, after we are done DRINKING the bottle, not everyone recycles the plastic. They also demonstrate how much PETROLEUM/ Oil it takes in the process of the beginning and end of the lifespan of bottled water. -

Why public toilets should pay you

Posted By Ryan13 in Miscellaneous

What? You've been giving away your urine for free?

All these years, you've been sitting there like an idiot—or standing, or squatting, or whatever it is you do—pissing away a perfectly good liquid asset. Turns out, you could have sold it.

Many of us haven't just been giving our waste away; we've been paying to unload it. Hundreds of cities have automated public toilets, known as APTs. In Ne -