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The Natural Way To Clean Wastewater

Posted By goopsgoops in Water Quality

John Todd developed a process in the 1980s that mimicked natural ways to purify wastewater. Today, his Eco Machines and Restorers are used for a wide range of municipal and industrial applications.
JOHN Todd founded Ocean Arks International in the 1980s, where he started to experiment with processes that mimic natural ways to purify wastewater. He built a greenhouse and ran sewage through a seri -

California plant will be expanded to treat Mexican sewage

Posted By kevinthemann in Planning and Management

The commission responsible for cleaning runaway sewage along the U.S.-Mexico border said it will upgrade a government wastewater plant in California instead of paying a private developer to build a new treatment facility across the border in Tijuana, Mexico.

The decision by the International Boundary and Water Commission appears to end a decade-long gambit by Bajagua LLC to win hundreds of mil -

California: Ammonia from Sacramento waste could hurt Delta ecosystem

Posted By aqua in Water Quality

After years of searching high and low for a culprit in the collapse of Delta fish populations, scientists are learning the problem may lie right under their noses. The likely fish killer is ammonia, a common byproduct of human urine and feces. Sacramento's regional sewage treatment plant is the largest single source of ammonia in the Delta. It discharges treated wastewater from nearly 1.4 million -

Adsorption of gold ions from industrial wastewater using activated carbon derived from hard shell of apricot stones – An agricultural waste

Posted By bodmer in Water Quality

In this study, hard shell of apricot stones was selected from agricultural solid wastes to prepare effective and low cost adsorbent for the gold separation from gold-plating wastewater. Different adsorption parameters like adsorbent dose, particle size of activated carbon, pH and agitation speed of mixing on the gold adsorption were studied. The results showed that under the optimum operating con -

Removing hormones from wastewater

Posted By macy in Water Quality

Treated wastewater that is returned to waterways can contain trace organic pollutants that have a negative impact on the environment. In particular, chemicals known as endocrine disrupters, which mimic the effects of natural hormones or otherwise disrupt normal endocrine behaviour, have been found in treated wastewater. According to a recent study, treatment processes could be significantly, and -

Latest Anti-Clean Water Action: Bush Administration Gives Polluters OK to Pump Wastewater into Drinking Water Supplies

Posted By aqua in Planning and Management

New rule flouts federal court decision, environmental advocates will sue.

A final rule issued today by the Bush administration sanctions the practice of pumping polluted urban and agriculture wastewater into public drinking water supplies. Today's rule finalizes a June 2006 proposal to deregulate this form of water pollution, which the administration has adopted in violation of the law and -

Liberia: USTC Embarks On U.S. $1.5 Million Waste Water Treatment Plant

Posted By dane307 in Water Quality

The United States Trading Company (USTC), bottler of Coca-Cola in Liberia, under the leadership of its General Manager, Mr. Rocky R.Z. Findley, has embarked on a US$1.5 million waste water treatment plant at its compound in Paynesville.

Speaking to reporters during a tour of the facility Wednesday, the Human Resource/Public Affairs Manager, Mr. Gabriel A. Johnson said the purpose of -

Wastewater Sludge: A New Alternative Energy

Posted By Ryan13 in Water Quality

Wastewater treatment plants are net users of energy. In the U.S. they consume an estimated 21 billion kilowatt hours per year. There are important reasons for this energy use, as society demands increasingly intensive treatment to remove nutrients and chemicals from wastewater before it is discharged back into water bodies or is reused. But energy use is coming under increasing scrutiny, with the -