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The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: What it means for West Bank water rights

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According to UN estimates, there are currently 460 million people living in countries affected by high water stress and limited water resources. By the year 2025, approximately two-thirds of the world's population will reside in areas that are subjected to high water stress if the current unsustainable trends in water consumption continue unabated. These statistics, along with the fact that the w -

State-of-the-Art Report on Systems Analysis Methods for Resolution of Conflicts in Water Resources Management

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Water is an important factor in conflicts among stakeholders at the local, regional, and even international level. Water conflicts have taken many forms, but they almost always arise from the fact that the freshwater resources of the world are not partitioned to match the political borders, nor are they evenly distributed in space and time. The watersheds of 261 major rivers are shared by two or -

Water in Conflict - The Dark Side of Natural Resources - UN Security Council - Global Policy Forum

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As demand for water hits the limits of finite supply, potential conflicts are brewing between nations that share transboundary freshwater reserves. More than 50 countries on five continents might soon be caught up in water disputes unless they move quickly to establish agreements on how to share reservoir -

Pakistan accuses India of stealing water

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Last summer, farmers in agricultural heartland of Pakistan began to notice the levels of both the river and groundwater starting to fall.

The waterways, which bisect the Punjab, meaning "five rivers", are fed with glacial meltwaters from the Himalayas and for centuries has provided crucial irrigation for the region, the Independent reports.

Pakistan has blamed India, saying it is withholdi -

Iraq blames neighbors for water shortage

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Iraq's Cabinet minister in charge of managing water resources says Iraq is suffering from a water shortage because of the policies of neighboring countries and insufficient winter rainfall.

Abdul-Latif Jamal Rasheed says Iraqis are seeking a "sufficient and fair share of water" from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Rasheed says neighboring Turkey and Iran have built large number of dams and -

Jordan protests Syrian ”violations” of water-sharing agreements

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Jordan has sent a letter to Syria objecting to the cultivation of crops upstream and downstream on the Yarmouk River. According to a report published by Jordan Times on Sunday, the Jordanian side believes the farming activity is slowing the river's water flow and storage at Wihdeh Dam.

During a meeting of a technical subcommittee affiliated with the Jordanian-Syrian Committee of the Yarmo -

Palestinians get less water than Israel

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Israelis have access to more than four times more water than do Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the World Bank said in a report on Monday, Reuters reported.
It said that a 1995 interim peace accord that governs the allocation of water has proven inadequate, as the Palestinian Authority has been fragmented by the last eight years of fighting while Israel has improved its own water f -

Palestinians face dire water shortage: World Bank

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Palestinians face dire water shortages because of both bad Palestinian management and Israeli restrictions, the World Bank said in a report on Monday.

The report, the first of its kind, noted the "complete dependence" of the Israeli-occupied West Bank and the blockaded Gaza Strip "on scarce water resources shared and largely controlled by Israel."

It also underlined that "the joint governan -

California: Water controversies boil over

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We're likely to see more struggles over water, both locally and worldwide. The next big conflict in California is a proposal for a canal built around the Delta, designed to secure a water supply for Central Valley farms and Southern California cities while also improving the environment of the West Coast's largest estuary. Critics worry that it's simply a tool to drain the Sacramento River.

Pr -