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Lebanon on brink of "major catastrophe": dire water crisis

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Over-consumption, over-pumping and mismanagement are causing Lebanon's fresh water wells to become contaminated with salt water, making the reserves unfit for human consumption, a recent study shows. The information was made public at a conference organized the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy & International Affairs at the American University of Beirut last week.

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Gore calls Middle East water crisis part of global climate change

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Former U.S. vice president turned environmentalist Al Gore on Tuesday said the Middle East's water shortage was a major part of the global climate crisis.

Congratulating Israel on its 60th anniversary, Gore praised the country for its forestation and desert irrigation projects but he warned about plunging water levels in the generally arid Middle East's lakes and rivers.

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Experts say Kurdistan's water crisis inevitable

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As neighboring dams go up, Kurdistan's water level goes down.

The lack of clean drinking water and the destructive policies of neighboring countries will ultimately lead to a major loss in agricultural lands and a drought in Kurdistan Region.

Experts say the water crisis in Kurdistan Region is imminent in spite of too-late efforts to build several dams in the region.

Aras Gharib Mustafa, -

Canada's conern: America wants our water

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says Canadians should be seriously concerned about Americans who want to steal Canada's water.

Kennedy is in Peterborough, Ont., today to deliver a speech at a Great Lakes conference, and in an interview with The Canadian Press, he warned Canadians that their water is at risk.

He says the United States is just beginning to experience a severe water -

India's Water Crisis: An Interview with Author Nitya Jacob

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Former business and environmental journalist Nitya Jacob has undertaken an unusual task - an ecological travelogue across the Indian subcontinent focused on water.

The Delhi-based writer's findings are stark. After writing a book on the subject, he says that in spite of surplus water, and one of the world's richest traditions of managing it, India's water crisis has reached critical levels. -

After 'peak oil', world now faces 'peak water'

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The challenge posed by current high oil prices is nothing compared to what lies ahead amid dwindling supply and growing demand for a far more basic commodity - water, warns a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor. -

Israel: Cabinet adopts national emergency water plan

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In a day kind to the environment, the cabinet unanimously adopted a national emergency water plan on Sunday, and then approved the Israel Clean Air Act as government legislation. The emergency water plan will be spearheaded by the National Infrastructures Ministry and the Water Authority's comprehensive proposal to manage the country's severe water crisis. One billion shekels over five years was -

WWF warns Turkey of approaching water crisis

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"Although Turkey has some of the most important rivers of the world, it ranks low when it comes to its water reserves," stated the WWF's report, posted by the organization's Turkey office on its Web site. "Because Turkey has not adopted a sustainable water administration policy at international standards, it faces serious threats," the report further stated. -

Water crisis to be biggest world risk

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A catastrophic water shortage could prove an even bigger threat to mankind this century than soaring food prices and the relentless exhaustion of energy reserves, according to a panel of global experts at the Goldman Sachs "Top Five Risks" conference. Water is not a renewable resource. People have been mining it without restraint because it has not been priced properly. Underground aquifers could -