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Water footprint an important gauage

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Recent research by Hockstra & Chapagain suggests that the water footprint of nations depend on several factors. These include:

1. High per person income and consumption - This partially explains the high water footprint for the U.S., Switzerland, and Italy;

2.High meat consumption - This explains the high water footprint of countries such as the U.S., Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy -

Water footprints of nations

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Average national water footprint per capita (m3/cap/yr). Green means that the nation's water footprint is equal to or smaller than the global average. Countries with red have a water footprint beyond the global average. Period: 1997-2001. -

Is a Big Hunk of Steak Worth Almost 2,000 Gallons of Water?

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Sometimes the kick we need to green our lives is a hard look at the numbers.

In the US, our water footprint is 2,500 cubic meters per capita, which translates roughly to 660,430 U.S. gallons per person per year. Compare that to 700 cubic meters per year per capita (184,920 gallons) in China and 1150 cubic meters per year per capita (303,798 gallons) in Japan. That's a lot of water do -

The End of Drinking Water?

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Hey, baby fish...I'll show you my water footprint if you show me your hot stain. What's a water footprint? Well, it's the total amount of water you or I use directly (drinking, washing, gardening) and indirectly (food and other purchases). What's a hot stain?

A hot stain is a region of the world which is beginning to run out of safe water to drink.

That's just in deserts, right? Nope. H -

Water: The hidden cost of your food and drink

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How much is your water footprint?

Here is the Guardian's nice photo essay on how much water is used to produce some of our most basic food commodities. These pictures should give you a rough estimate of your water footprint. -

Water footprints make a splash

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The global water footprint is about 7.5 trillion cubic meters per year, not including irrigation losses, according to estimates by Dutch researchers and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). India, with 17 percent of the global population, has the largest water footprint in absolute terms. But its footprint represents only 13 percent of the world total -


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After reading that it takes about a (big) fish tank of water to make a cup of coffee, I wondered whether my cup of tea had a bigger (worse) or smaller (better) water footprint than coffee.

Turns out that two UNESCO researchers studied this in 2003. They found that it takes about 9 gallons of water (34 liters) to produce enough leaves for one cup of tea. Tea plants, I learned, like rainwater mu -