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Human-Induced Changes in the Hydrology of the Western United States

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This paper presents a regional climate change detection and attribution study, using a high-resolution hydrologic model forced by global climate models. Their results show that up to 60% of the climate-related trends of river flow, winter air temperature, and snow pack between 1950 and 1999 are human-induced. They predict, in conjunction with previous research, an upcoming crisis of water supply -

How green is The World?

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ITS DEVELOPERS call the three hundred islands laid out in the shape of the world map just off Dubai's coast the “most innovative real-estate development on Earth”. These new artificial islands, known as “The World”, are just part of a plan to create hundreds of kilometres of new waterfront for Dubai, attracting visitors and wealthy home-owners from around the (real) world. -

Reservoir larger than Manhattan planned to help Everglades - Yahoo! News

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Around South Florida's vast sugar cane fields, where turtles grow to the size of basketballs and alligators own the marsh, the silence of the swamp is broken by the sound of rumbling trucks and explosions. -

Rainfall, Water Supply Still Below Normal

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Although January and February were particularly wet months with significant rainfall and heavy snowfall in the mountains, the state's water-supply reservoirs still haven't received normal amounts of water. -

Restoring water supply 'arduous task'

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Authorities are facing an arduous task to restore water supplies to areas hit by last Monday's earthquake, an official has said.

Shao Yisheng, general secretary of the China Urban Water Association, said 7,800 km water pipes were damaged in the quake, although supplies in the worst-hit areas have been "basically" restored.

The association has called on its members across the country to disp -

City of Roseville, California - Activates Stage One Water Conservation Level

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This article provides information on how City of Roseville, CA is trying to battle the shortage of water supply. They are taking measures to help this problem including sending letters to their customers and let them know of the decreased water levels. -

Global Water Demand and Supply Projections

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his paper presents a modeling approach for projections of water demand and supply for domestic, industrial, livestock, and irrigation at the basin or country level in a global scope. Particular emphasis is put on simulating water availability for crops taking into account total renewable water, non-irrigation water demand, water supply infrastructure, and economic and environmental policies at th -

New Climate Report Foresees Big Changes in Water Supplies and Agriculture -

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The rise in concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from human activities is influencing climate patterns and vegetation across the United States and will significantly disrupt water supplies, agriculture, forestry and ecosystems for decades, a new federal report says. -