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Campaign to cut use of water heating up in San Diego

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County residents appear to be partly heeding warnings about conservation amid the region's shrinking water supply, but the true test will start now as temperatures soar to summer levels.

During the first four months of this year, people's water use dropped by about 16 percent compared with the same period in 2007, according to the latest data released by the San Diego County Water Authority. -

How A Google Engineer Hacks His Energy Usage

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Darrell Anderson always knew that running a bath required more electricity and water than taking a shower, but he's an engineer at Google, so he decided to quantify that difference. His tool of choice? A new resource monitoring system designed by some ex-NASA engineers called Agilewaves with a price tag north of $10,000.

The company's high-end systems provide granular data on a home's electric -

With drizzle and cooler temperatures prevailing, LADWP reminds customers to reduce water use and cut back on watering

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Cooler temperatures and intermittent drizzle in parts of Los Angeles today, with more thunderstorms forecast for the holiday weekend, means less need for outdoor watering, leading the Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to urge customers to turn off sprinklers for a day or two or at least reduce the number of minutes per day spent irrigating yards.

All of California is faced with doing more -

How Much Water Is Lost in the Great Lakes Basin?

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Do you ever wonder how much of the water that we remove from the Great Lakes for use in everyday products such as food, ethanol, household chemicals or paper products, is not returned? Or what type of use is most likely to cause these losses? -

General Electric To Slash Water Usage By 20 Percent

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General Electric Co. CEO Jeff Immelt announced Wednesday the company will expand its environmental initiative by cutting its global water use by 20 percent over five years.

Immelt also said the company is raising the sales target for its three-year-old ''ecoimagination'' initiative to promote sales of environmentally friendly technology.

''We believe just like greenhouse gas emissions have -

B.C. environment minister announces plan for more effective water use

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Beside Musqueam Creek in South Vancouver, B.C. Environment Minister Barry Penner announced a new plan to help people in the province use less water on Tuesday. "B.C. residents use about 490 litres of water every day, which is more than the Canadian average and much, much higher than the American average. We often think of the Americans as not necessarily leading in terms of environmental practice -

Maybe Oil and Water Do Mix

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Americans have a seemingly insatiable appetite for over-the-top displays. Think about how many consumer items that, given the current economic environment, now seem like symbols of a decade of extreme consumption and excess -- not to mention the subsequent sense of entitlement. Giant SUVs and even the bottled-water craze are examples of a consumer gone wild. -

Audit Of Water Use At Home Of Chief Of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

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As city leaders urge residents to trim energy and water usage during the sweltering summer, a home audit of the chief of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power found he's not doing enough to cut back, it was reported Tuesday.

Auditors last month found that lawn sprinklers at General Manager H. David Nahai's 6,000-square-foot Deep Canyon Drive home had come on every night for more than a -