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Florida takes issue with plan to keep more water in Georgia

Posted By kavehm in Planning and Management

Florida told the federal government Wednesday it "strongly opposes" a proposal to store more water in Georgia while limiting flows into Apalachicola Bay, saying to do so would harm oysters and federally protected sturgeon and mussels. In a letter, Florida Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Sole said there is no legitimate or legal reason to keep more water in Lake Lanier, -

Which Lake is the World's Largest? Caspian Sea or Lake Baikal?

Posted By Kaveh in Miscellaneous

There are a few different ways to define the world's largest lake. Are we interested in the lake with the largest surface area? Or, the lake with the greatest water volume? And, should we consider the salt water seas in our comparison?

"Which lake is the World's largest?" is not a simple question to answer. So, let's explore all of these questions and you will then have all of the ma -

WaterWired: 'The Economist' Looks At Water Wars: What, No Ground Water?

Posted By Josue in Planning and Management

The current (3 May 2008) issue of The Economist contains a piece on 'Streams of blood, or streams of peace', about the potential for nations going to war over water. It's a good article, examining a number of river basins around the world with the potential for conflict. -

Iraq, U.S. move to avert Baghdad water shortage

Posted By goopsgoops in Miscellaneous

Baghdad's crumbling roads, burst sewage pipes and chronic water shortages are casualties of war that get little attention amid the daily litany of gunfights, bombs and bloodletting in Iraq.

As summer approaches, the city is facing an acute shortage of drinking water despite the efforts of officials like Sadiq Shumari, its director of water services.

Temperatures are set to reach 50 Celsius -

Cooperative game theory and its application to natural, environmental, and water resource issues : basic theory

Posted By Kaveh in Planning and Management

Game theory provides useful insights into the way parties that share a scarce resource may plan their use of the resource under different situations. This review provides a brief and self-contained introduction to the theory of cooperative games. It can be used to get acquainted with the basics of cooperative games. Its goal is also to provide a basic introduction to this theory, in connection wi -

War of words over water in Spanish drought row

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A ship carrying thousands of litres of drinking water has arrived in the drought stricken port of Barcelona - just as the heavens opened.

The delivery is part of an unprecedented emergency plan to alleviate demand for water after some of the driest winters and springs on record.

Last month Spain's central government agreed that a new temporary pipe could be built to transfer water from the -